View Full Version : Need an unban

12-17-2007, 05:26 PM
i have been banned for the longest time Honestly it was since i made this account since i lost my other password.

Reason Banned : i was Immature i was about 12 when i was banned or about to turn 13
i am now 15 and would like to be given another chance.
i am a good player and wanted to rejoin NS.
i have played on the TF2 server alot

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:798694

Reason for UNBAN : i would like to join back into the community and hope to help support
the server in later actions I have grown up and would like a second

User who Banned me : WyzCrack

Amount of Time Banned : Perma

Sincerly ,
Dan davis

12-17-2007, 06:06 PM
We've been through this. Many times. With you, and with everyone, but if you're going to insist on making a public spectacle of the request, I'll make a public spectacle of the answer.

No. Permanent, in your case, means permanent. Latest evidence indicates either a lack of reading comprehension or a complete disregard for our policies, neither of which inclines me to unban you.

You made the 'cancer' account because your other account, 'Dyeman', received a forum-level banning from your posts beforehand. Should you remember the password, you'll find that you're not allowed in.

Let this ban serve as a lesson to you, and to everyone: first impressions mean a lot. In this case, it means you're not playing NS here again. Continue to flout our rules (such as public posting about bans) and I'll see to it that you don't play anywhere I have a modicum of admin access.

This discussion, if you wish to call it that, is over.