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12-29-2008, 10:56 PM
You can currently gain access to the Beta from Fileplanet. If you'd like info. on the game:

I've been waiting for this lil' "gem" from Germany for a while now. Looks like they've made good headway (actually thought it'd take them longer to beta then they have). Anyways, it's a bit of a game theory experiment - basically a hybrid CCG-RTS, with online community. Only thing out there quite like it is Pox Nora and that's a turn-based minis game not even close to this quality. Of particular interest is the coop multiplayer where you team up to defeat Legendary creatures (ala WoW CCG raid decks).

This game may have something here...
Might be a nice lil' ditty us TG strat folk should try. (matter of fact, I THINK there's a thread in here somewhere for this game).

Anyways, enjoy.

01-04-2009, 10:09 PM
Gambit, hows is the game?

01-04-2009, 11:09 PM
Gambit, hows is the game?

It's way more than I thought it'd be... kinda blew me away. In reality, it's an MMO (hence why I started an RPG thread).

So, it's basically an MMORTSTCG; that's "massively multiplayer online real-time strategy trading card game." phew

You can play 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 pvp... as well as complete PvE lore-driven campaigns with up to 12 coop players (basically raid-level play on an RTS scale). There's a ladder system, tourneys (closed and open deck), an unlockable lore system (ala WAR), a full on integrated stat-tracking system (they have a stat for EVERYTHING), a fully integrated and VERY slick community/marketplace (the whole UI is actually one of the best I've seen). You can play the game (campaigns) completely by yourself if you'd like. You can even test your decks against yourself (using any unit in the game).

The AI can scale depending on how experienced you are and how much of the map you've done. You can upgrade your cards via earned loot from battles (either pve or pvp), or purchases. There's siege battle, arenas, dungeon crawls, huge bosses... EXTREME variations in tactics. All of this is presented in a very easy-going MMO format complete with robust chat system. Makes you really feel inside the game, moreso than any online TCG or RTS I've played.

The music is good enough to blast in the car (I almost like it BETTER than AoC's, if you can believe that):

The game is basically digital crack. I intend on wasting lots of money on it. :)
And before you ask: yes, TG should field a Guild for this game. It'd be the 1st guild where real tangible assets are at stake (no, there's no death penalty and you dont lose cards). That is, if you lose battles the enemy gets stronger. If you win, your deck gets stronger. It's all in the end making your character stronger (there's xp, levels, etc.). Note: this game is NOT easymode - it took me multiple tries to get through even the beginning stages (on standard difficulty). The potential for epic coop raid-level battles is there for sure. The 'ol "simple to learn, difficult to master" type game. Similar to MtG, only better.

Since it's an MMO it has the advantage of larger levels of support and deeper gameplay and replayability. They look to put out about 3-4 expansions per year. The "twilight" deck will come with 200 cards (of varying rarity). You can buy cards online, trade em, or buy em in stores and input them into your account. All this is done using in-game gold and "battlepoints." Both of which can be bought or earned in battle.

I can go on and on.
I urge anyone to give it a try... it's an open beta if you've got an FP subscription or pre-order the game. Honestly, just pre-order it if you dont have FP. You wont regret the purchase, even if you dont intend to buy cards. Heck, there are those with the uncanny ability to take a simple starter deck and turn it into a tourney winner w/o spending a dime.

01-09-2009, 10:57 PM
I'm sold. I'm preordering. I've been looking for a game with MTG game mechanics for the longest time.

01-10-2009, 12:09 PM
You can find me as Bulldogsix

01-10-2009, 12:49 PM
You can find me as Bulldogsix

I'm Ghambit and Ainselie is Ainselie

01-14-2009, 06:41 PM
I got the beta, but no idea how to play.

01-14-2009, 07:10 PM
Run the introductory tutorial and maybe the 1st campaign mission. It's easy to learn, difficult to master. Check for us on TS in the "Battleforge" channel (it might be a temporary channel though; someone erased the permanent one I made).

01-14-2009, 07:29 PM
Its been patching for an hour, how large is this game? I swore its sucked down many GB's of space.

01-14-2009, 08:51 PM
Its been patching for an hour, how large is this game? I swore its sucked down many GB's of space.

It's about 9GB I believe. The initial DL is only for the launcher, the "patch" is really the entire game (which is about 3GB DL).

01-17-2009, 11:07 AM
This game is fun already, and I still haven't even learned how to play properly, due to some beta technical difficulties. Gambit is right though, this game is no joke.

01-17-2009, 12:28 PM
The beta is now fully open and can be had by anyone with even a standard FP account (i.e. a free account).

The server downages are in prep. for a flood of new players I assume.

02-09-2009, 12:46 PM
I have signed up, dont know how i missed this one.

03-02-2009, 12:10 PM
Beta is now totally open. No FP sub or pre-order is needed.


Also, all cards are now available and the Tome mechanics are in place.

03-03-2009, 02:48 PM
Gonna give it a try

03-19-2009, 12:33 AM
Game releases Monday... who's in?
There's no guild UI as of yet so organization will have to be through the forum/TS. And this is NOT a game you want to PUG; you need to play with friends.

03-19-2009, 10:28 PM
im dl'ing the beta to see if I like it. I've been dying for a new game to get into.