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02-12-2009, 07:04 AM
New wargame "Kharkov1943":

Kharkov 1943 is a wargame with an exciting story, based on documented military history.

In game there will be forces - about 1-2 battalions in one operation from each of the parties.

Similar games: the Close Combat series, the Combat Missions series, and Theatre of War. The representation is similar to those games, with the camera displaying a third person view of the action, allowing the player to zoom into the action, observing individual units.

The action takes place within two campaigns based around Kharkov one for the Soviet Army (February 1943) and one for the Wehrmacht (early March 1943). In addition, there are a number of training missions for the player to explore. The game is based on the already well known Graviteam engine. The objective of the game is to throw the player into the grindstones of the Eastern Front, allowing him to feel like a great tactician right in the middle of these bloody battles of the WW2.The key elements of the game are the units of soldiers and accompanying tanks and their crews, all of which were recreated with painstaking detail and maximum historical accuracy. Large scale battlefields with various armed forces, combined with two campaigns help reproduce dramatic historical battles, with the outcome for either side dangling by a thread. These battles during early 1943 changed the tactics and strategy of both sides and will immerse the player in the swirl of events of those days.

- Large-scale battles.
The gameplay will challenge all your tactical abilities at company level, involving various types of troops (there can be up to 250 soldiers and officers, as well as more than 40 types of vehicles on the battlefield at the same time). As in reality, the outcome of the game's battles are based on how skillfully you interact with your units and how well you deal with the forces of your opponent. When maneuvering, think out of the box to outsmart your opponent and lead your forces to victory. Remember if you don't win, then the enemy will!

- Balanced game world. The game features a unique mix of realistic factors, such as the landscape, distances, velocities and pure scope. These factors are the shortcoming of other games in that genre, so we improved on those constraints to make the whole player experience more fascinating. Even without starting to play, you will notice how the game blends the shadowy line between game and the real world and, like a time machine, will take you outside of your cozy room and place you into the cold winter war of 1943, leaving you there to fight.

- Fully interactive landscape.
Deformable terrain and destructible objects are the basis of this game. During the battles, you can blow up or break down and destroy everything, from a small bush to an entire village. And, by the way, so can your opponent! The use of tactical destruction allows for unprecedented strategic opportunities for you to master the battlefield's challenges. Blow up bridges to prevent the enemy from pushing forward! Facing an well hidden enemy? Destroy everything around them, then send forces into their rear and eliminate them! It's up to you to decide. You are the commander-in-chief of this highly realistic battlefield environment. Act decisively for everything is possible!

- Seeing is believing Since you're already fully engrossed in the gaming process, you are invited to get to know a simple, yet convenient option, known as adaptive scale, which allows you to oversee the whole battlefield, or a just single unit. This gives you the chance to be a tactician with a capital T. Find a comfortable position in your chair, relax, locate the enemy on the map and send sufficient forces his way, and watch the execution of your commands in detail.


coming soon demo real

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Added new FEATURES DEMO wargame "Kharkov1943"

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trailer wargame Kharkov1943

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new screenshots wargame "Kharkov1943"
- March 2, 2009

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new screenshots wargame "Kharkov1943"
- March 17, 2009


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new screenshots April 02, 2009 wargame "Kharkov1943"

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new screenshots wargame "Kharkov1943"

May 05, 2009



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new screenshots wargame "Kharkov1943"
June 07, 2009


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SIMHQ - Interview with Graviteam:

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08-27-2009, 11:55 PM
New screenshots "Front Roads: Kharkov1943":

russian demo "Front Roads: Kharkov1943"



HELP russian demo:

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09-11-2009, 07:06 AM
Front Roads: Kharkov 1943
(russian name " : ")
on sale in Russia since September, 11th, 2009

Publisher in Russia:
1C / Snowball Studios


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Vladimir Zayarniy

09-25-2009, 08:56 AM
New screenshots "Front Roads:Kharkov 1943"

September 25

FRONT ROADS: Kharkov 1943 is a ground-breaking war game uniquely dedicated to the last great German victory in the east. Our carefully researched archival military records put you on that battlefield. Opposing commanders control battalion and near-brigade strength battle groups locked in a fight to the death. FRONT ROADS: Kharkov 1943 in-game god-mode camera gives you the ability to zoom into close quarter combat action and observe individual unit combat result battle detail. The enemy is relentless. “Hold what you’ve got!” There will be no retreat. There will be no surrender.
Commanders may choose from two separate campaigns fought in the pivotal Kharkov sector of operations. Campaign one: Soviet Army operations of February 1943. Campaign two: Heer Wehrmacht operations of early March 1943. In addition, commanders may explore a number of training missions. The game is solidly rooted in the proven Graviteam engine. Front Roads: Kharkov 1943 throws you headfirst into the Eastern Front gristmill where Iron Crosses grow and Heroes of the Soviet Union fight. You will be totally immersed in graphic, bloody World War Two battles. Combat infantrymen, tanks & crewmembers have been accurately recreated and rendered in painstaking historical detail, including injury and battle damage. As you relive these historical battles, you will command combined arms forces on a large battlefield while engaging in pitched battle. Life, death, victory, or the shame of defeat hangs by the slender thread of your every decision. The battles for Kharkov in early 1943 altered Soviet and Wehrmacht tactics forever. You will become part of those swirling eventful days of trial by combat judgment.

Comparable Titles:

Close Combat Series, Combat Missions Series


Large-Scale Battles Your Field Grade and Company level command skills will be tested. Two hundred and fifty (250) soldiers & officers await your orders. More than forty (40) types of combat and tactical vehicles will be maneuvering on the battle area at the same time. As in reality, your virtual tactical outcome will depend upon how skillfully you interact with your subordinate units and how well your battle plan survives trial by combat. Lay down suppressing fire and smoke ! Recon by fire and turn the enemy’s flanks. Hold him by the nose, kick him in the pants, and make him die for his country.

Balanced Game World An awesome mixture of realistic global factors such as topography, Line of Sight/Line of Fire, target acquisition systems, range to target, projectile velocity, kinetic & explosive penetrators, and the sheer magnitude of battle sector operations compose a near real-world tactical symphony. This game engine will tear you out of your cozy little room and thrust you into the bitterly cold winter war of 1943. Fight or die. In this respect, the Front Roads: Kharkov 1943 ambient game environment is superior to all other marketplace competitors of this genre known at this time. This is the definitive East Front time machine you have been searching for.

Fully Interactive Landscape Deformable terrain and destructible objects are the basis of in-game battlefield terraforming. During battles you can tear down, blow-up, and destroy everything from a small bush to an entire village. Beware, so can your enemy! This tactical battlefield destructive terraforming capability opens unprecedented operational battle area opportunities. Sculpt kill zones, funnel the enemy into your prepared muzzle-action fields of fire, and become the master of any battlefield topographical challenge. Make good ground serve you and use it to annihilate your enemy. Blow-up bridges and deny the enemy an opportunity to advance! Is the enemy well hidden? Recon by fire. Destroy everything around him. Burn him out. Flush him out. Turn his flanks. Send your forces into his rear areas and turn his best laid plans into route! You are in command of this highly realistic battlefield environment. Act decisively-- everything is possible!

Seeing is Believing Front Roads: Kharkov 1943 features an in-game Adaptive Scale god-Mode Cam which allows you to view the entire battlefield, a single combat vehicle, or even a single soldier. Do you have a favorite historical warrior? See him in virtual action. This gives you the opportunity to become a tactician with a capital T. You may even recline comfortably in your chair, relax, locate the enemy on the map, send sufficient forces his way, and watch your units defeat the enemy in detail. Alternately, you may lead from the front at the forward edge of the battle area and begin to discover how come Soviet and Wehrmacht battlefield tactics at the sharp end were forevermore changed by Front Roads: Kharkov 1943.

01-20-2010, 03:57 AM
"ACHTUNG PANZER: Kharkov 1943"


02-26-2010, 08:06 AM
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TactiKill Jay
03-05-2010, 02:07 AM
This game is pretty impressive and for only $20 the value is amazing. It's easily one of the deepest and tactically realistic RTS games out there right now so if you're into tactical sims I would definitely recommend picking this up. The only thing missing is a MP mode... Any chance we'll at least see an IP connect in the addon?

03-17-2010, 03:43 PM
Check out this AMAZING video!


Seems like the real deal. This game is extraordinary!!!

Its as close to the reality as possible. I literally feel inside the WWII movies we can see in youtube.

I recommend those threads:

05-09-2010, 03:32 PM
This really is a good wargame. Takes me back to my ASL days. Good job zvlad and Graviteam.

05-10-2010, 07:33 AM
So is this game released? Where can I get it

05-11-2010, 11:02 AM
I got mine through Impulse...