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Welcome to Tactical Gamer University!


This is where Tactical Gamer veterans teach their tactical skills to their fellow Tactical Gamer players. This community is completely volunteer based. If you feel you can offer tactical knowledge and skills to your peers, contact your instructor team or the Dean of TGU.

The Tactical Gamer University forums are used for a few different reasons. These reasons are for:

- TGU event or training announcements
- Passing on general tactical knowledge that can be used in many different games sponsored by Tactical Gamer
- Giving out of awards to members of training modules
- TGU announcements

Please keep all game tactics in your sponsored games "Tactics" forum.


Table of Content

Becoming a TGU Instructor
TGU Instructor Roster
Training Awards


TacticalGamer.com Primer (http://www.tacticalgamer.com/tactical-gamer-official-announcements/59640-tactical-gamer-primer.html) - How we play at TacticalGamer.com - Why TG is Different
TacticalGamer.com FAQ (http://www.tacticalgamer.com/faq.php?faq=players_faq) - FAQ, TG Tags and how to join TG, SOP
TacticalGamer University Reference Library (http://www.tacticalgamer.com/arma-sop-s-technical-support-and-faq/189615-tgu-arma-reference-library.html) - Currently hosted within ArmA but applicable to all games.

04-21-2012, 12:13 PM
Becoming a TGU Instructor

Passing on your knowledge and experience is not only great for the whole community, but is rewarding personally as well. We feel our work here at the TGU is an important component of TG that enables new players to familiarize themselves with components of the various games played within the TG community. Additionally, TGU is a place to meet more experienced players that can mentor each other and progress as they develop skills and tactics to use in game.

In an effort to keep TGU focused on active teaching, there is a policy on tenure and activity if you wish to become an instructor and remain active. This policy is meant to keep the TGU Instructor roster up-to-date and to ensure our player community has an accurate knowledge of who is and who is not a TGU active instructor. It is very important for the integrity of the TGU to have an accurate listing of instructors and to maintain activity within that roster.

The policy on Tenure and Activity has the following components:

Only active instructors will maintain access to the administrative forums and maintain the designation as a TGU instructor.
Active instructors should check the TGU forums often.
Active instructors should check the Class Request Sub Forum (http://www.tacticalgamer.com/class-requests/) to monitor the needs of the community and help the TGU team identify training requirements.
Instructors are led by a Title Lead that coordinates TGU content with the Dean of TGU and the Game Officer of the title they are creating content for.

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TGU Instructor Roster


Garthra - Title Lead


Acreo Aeneas - Title Lead
Al Lunn


Unkl - Title Lead

04-26-2014, 05:10 PM
Tactical Gamer University
Awards System

The new awards system is being implemented at TGU starting April 2014. All courses will now award global pins and are designed to be transferable from game to game we support. Currently, TGU supports Planetside 2, Battlefield 4, and ArmA 3 with custom content.

Basic Infantry Pin
Course will cover:

- Fundamentals of Infantry and Review of primer
- Roles in a fireteam, larger organizations (squad, platoon)
- Movement both individual and with team (basic formations only) and knowing cover vs concealment and order of march, direction of movement, covering a sector & not crossing lanes of fire
- contact & sighting reports
- directions (directionals (half-left, right, ect), cardinal, clock-ray)
- judging distance (internal estimation, reference objects, bracketing)
- descriptions
- actions on contact (fire team)
- bounding (successive and alternating)
Delivery and Credit

- There will be a Basic Infantry Video playlist on the official TG YouTube channel
- There will also be supplementary reading material in the forums such as THIS (http://www.tacticalgamer.com/arma-sops-technical-support-faq/189615-tgu-arma-reference-library.html)
- Students will be required to review prescribed material prior the Basic Infantry Checkout Class
- TGU Instructors will preside over a Basic Infantry Checkout Course in their game including running drills on the material and documenting students demonstrated knowledge
- courses may be delivered in a full lecture as needed

- having reviewed the prescribed video and reading material (shouldn’t take long)
Pin Design

- based on the Nato symbol for infantry the rectangle with the X through it

Advanced Infantry Pin
Course will cover:

- additional roles (AT, MG, Rifleman/AT, Engineer, Medic, UAV Operator tailored for game)
- more complex formations (ranger file, diamond, echelons)
- basic signals (radio procedure)
- squad formations
- changing or transitioning formations
- moving in squad formations
- actions on halts
- actions on contact
- advanced movements (peeling, bounding retreat, loose formation)
- basic CQB (slicing the pie, exiting hallways, doorways, building clearing)
- entering/exiting vehicles
Delivery and Credit

- Advanced Infantry Videos
- Advanced Infantry TGU Library material
- TGU Instructors will run an Advanced Infantry Course Checkout Class where they demonstrate and drill the course material documenting students demonstrated knowledge

- Basic Infantry Pin
- reviewing the TGU Library Material and videos for this course
Pin Design

- based on the Nato symbol for infantry the rectangle with the X through it but more shiny

Basic Leadership Pin (FTL/SL)
Course will cover:

- Lead by example, do as I do (in character and in the server)
- Review of primer
- Correcting and teaching gently - how to draw the line with insubordinance (CAA)
- Chain of Command
- Communications (Radio Procedure)
- SitRep, LocStat, ACE Report, Boarding/Exiting vehicles, Axis of Arc
- Orders (fire orders, movement orders (rubber banding), ect…)
- Fireteam actions (drill actions on halts as leader, actions on contact, actions on retreat)
- Squad tactics for a FTL (doing the above with the squad)
- Basic insertion techniques
Delivery and Credit

- TGU Library material will assist in the knowledge base prior the course but not necessary (certainly will be used to refresh later)
- Video material will help demonstrate specifics
- TGU Instructor will teach the course in game to a small class as step one
- TGU Instructor will observe in game as students run through these drills with experienced players under their teams (conditions may vary on a game by game basis)

- Basic Infantry Pin
- Advanced Infantry Pin
Pin Design

- Corporal Rank

Advanced Leadership Pin (SL/PL)
Course will cover:

- Platoon Organizations (RTO, Platoon Sergeant, Squad Leaders)
- Don’t micro-manage and remaining calm
- Platoon tactics (Squad usage)
- Platoon logistics (resupply)
- Platoon logistics (transportation)
- Supports (Artillery, Air Support, Armour Elements)
Delivery and Credit

- Course will be delivered by reviewing TGU Library material and some video
- Credit issued by students completing a spoken test demonstrating knowledge of the material

- Basic Infantry Pin
- Advanced Infantry Pin
- Basic Leadership Pin
Pin Design

- Sergeant Rank

Convoy Operations Pin
Course will cover:

- transport elements
- support elements
- armour
- herring bone formations
- order of march
Delivery and Credit

- TGU Instructor deliver content in game with references to TGU Library material

- Basic Infantry Pin
Pin Design

- based on the Nato symbol for motorized infantry

Course will cover:

- in development
Delivery and Content

- TGU Library reference material and video
- TGU complete instruction and checkout drills in game

- Basic Infantry Pin
- Advanced Infantry Pin
Pin Design

- pistols

Combined Operations Pin
Course will cover:

- Using infantry, air, armour, artillery, naval and logistics in tandem
- air & armour
- air & infantry
- armour & infantry
- mechanized infantry
- motorized infantry
Delivery and Credit

- TGU Library material
- Course lecture not necessary in game
- Complete quizzes at the end of each section to ensure students understanding

- Basic Infantry Pin (course will reinforce the importance of skilled infantry)
Pin Design

- multi-coloured mechanized infantry symbol

Advanced Individual Training Pin
Courses may cover:

- role specific training tailored to a particular game
- ie. Sniper BF4, Sniper PS2, Medic ArmA3, Demolitions, EOD ArmA, Transport Helo, Air Combat, Forward Observer, UAV Operator ArmA, ect…
- a catch all pin for content created on demand for games as needed
Deliver and Credit

- each course material evaluated and approved by TGU Dean (with Title Lead and game GO) on a case by case basis

- Basic Infantry and in addition see Delivery and Credit
Pin Design

- Pin that simply has TGU on it with stars indicating the number of individual courses completed to a max of 5

Previous awards will be honoured. Any ArmA awards from the last two years (green ribbons) can be exchanged for their updated counterparts. We are moving back to a pin system that will be standard across all games. Pins will be distinct as to not be confused with the community awarded ribbons. A basic infantry course in one game will be taken as a prerequisite for courses in another game.

*note: recent changes will be highlighted as this