View Full Version : Worms Armageddon/Worms World Party

02-16-2010, 09:26 PM
Does anyone on the forum also play this game, or do I stand alone? If you have never played I highly recommend it. Given the game's date it is still very fun with an almost limitless number of community made game types to entertain you.

04-04-2010, 06:29 AM
Props to the Worms series..wasted many a day and night on it in the mid 90's... If Steam would sell this in the discount mode I guarantee alot of folks would get it again.... good times..

05-19-2011, 11:09 AM
Heh, I just found this old thread looking for TG people playing Worms Armageddon. Looks like not many play this here even though Worms community is still very active world wide and it is very easy to find good on-line game. There are even new updates for Worms Armageddon. The last version is 3.6.31. Check out Worms Knowledge Base (http://worms2d.info/Worms_Armageddon) for more info. I still play the game (hosting with my own scheme) from time to time.