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Thomas R Harper, Jr
03-11-2010, 12:47 PM
I am posting a link ( at end of this report) to a video by fireship4 that recorded the mission from "The Twilight Zone." Watch it if you are curious about this AAR.

We were playing a pretty typical sniper v sniper exercise and had entered a multistory building to find a good position. I was the spotter and fireship4 was the sniper. The mission is the urban sniper v sniper version of Wookie School. It is set in the late afternoon moving to dusk and finally dark. The hunt is thru streets and buildings for your foes. There were three sides fielding sniper teams. We were BlueFor.

We had been playing for over an hour, shooting, moving, watching, spotting, shooting ... moving... you know the drill if you snipe. We had some success (actually ended up winning the encounter) when suddenly in a moments inattention the world changed forever (at least for the rest of the game. We had an accidental discharge of the sniper rifle inside the structure you will see in the video. It is a multi story building divided into small rooms with open balconies. Great sniper location.

What happened after the discharge was epic. Neither fireship4 not I could see anything as the entire structure suddenly "blackened". There were no visible interior details, like stairs, doors, floors, and room entrance ways. Night vision and flashlights did not penetrate the gloom. You could see the remains of the world outside thru window curtain slats .... but you couldn't find the exit ... NO EXIT!

Our only companion in this strange and bizarre world inside a world was a strange glowing butterfly that followed us around. (Yeah I know, never eat the peyote buttons before a mission.) Turns out the butterfly was a another player (Jasque I think) and to him the world we were in looked normal which made for much humor on his part as we fumbled around trying to find things he could see plainly.

We recorded only half of the alternate universe we formed. Was this some cosmic punishment for our "killing" of fellow gamers. Did (as I believe) my sniper partner round a moral bend and shoot "God" ... thus destroying the universe as we know it? Was the golden butterfly a soul of one of out victims ...was it just bad buttons?

You can call us "Stoned, Cold, Killers!" We recorded this to show we were not making it up. Hope you enjoy the AAR and the video recording it. (Second link below is to You Tube video location directly.



03-11-2010, 01:10 PM
Nice AAR!

hehe... I thought this was going to be about this:


03-11-2010, 07:03 PM
You two gents entered the black hole and made it out alive! :)

03-12-2010, 09:02 AM
Very amusing AAR and nicely done video.
Unfortunately Avghani has a few issue that will never be fixed and one of those is the infamous "Black Building". Usually it happens when someone approaches it from the outside, but this time the "Black Building" revealed itself after you and fireship4 went inside, no doubt trying to trap you two forever while the other team moved to secure the target building and win.
The "Black Building"'s intentions are not clear, but they are probably evil and it should be destroyed every time it is spotted. Maybe, one day, it will be enough for it to get tired of being bombed and leave Avghani forever...

Also: thanks to WhiskeySix for posting that comic. First time I've heard of this Azarimy fellow and reading his other comics was fun. :D

Grunt 70
03-12-2010, 11:39 AM
Sound like fun.

I noticed the "black building" syndrome a few weeks back. I thought it might have something to do with bullet hits on the exterior as it seems to me the building is fine until it takes fire. Something about the new texture after being damaged...perhaps it's missing from the files...anyway...thanks for the AAR.