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03-25-2010, 02:06 AM
CO: Fusionpoo
RTO: Eightball?

Fox 2

SL: SixWingedFreak
Grenadier: Grimreeper
Marksman: MalConjo

FTL: Krause
Marksman: DocMAbuse
Grenadier: Pistolfied

This was an extremely epic game. One for the history books. It is one of the few times I have seen where all the dead players were watching with suspense as the remnant of our recon platoon attempted to finish their mission.

For those who don't know, the new version of this mission (v6) is completely randomized - so I (the mission maker), as well as the players can expect a fairly dynamic experience every time they play. This leads to many hilarious, unexpected scenarios, such as those that happened tonight.

It started off pretty standard, Fusionpoo ordered our squad (Fox 2) west to OP 225, while Fox 1 proceeded east to OP 170. Our squad moved through some farmers fields and foot hills leading up to the OP in a column and DocMAbuse spotted an enemy militia group about 600 meters away. I relayed this info to our SL, who ordered us to hold our fire as we should slip by undetected. Accordingly, we moved cautiously north. The tension was high. We began to move slower. Suddenly, DocMAbuse calls out another contact in a thick German accent: "CONTACT, ENEMY MACHINE GUN BUNKER, 315!"

The squad halted and got optics on. Suddenly we realized. It. was. a. ROCK. Grimreeper decided to begin to sing songs in the tradition of a true force recon badass. SL decided we would move to a position south west of the OP, hill 160, as a stepping off point for our objective, Hill 255 proper. Reaching the hill we realized that we were exposed to the town's view, and after spotting some enemy patrols on the fringe of it, we withdrew west. At the base of 255, my fireteam was ordered to hold our position and provide flank security, while the SL and his boys went up to check out the hill.

Several minutes pass, quiet. Suddenly, a faint but piercing light flickers from the top of the hill. Nothing. I call the SL "What's going on up there?" A rushed and anxious voice responds: "There's a T-90 or T-72 sitting directly on the OP! Were coming back down." "Roger... interrogative: did you guys trip a flare?" "Yeah" "Rog, we should probably pull security to the west, the militia stronghold may have spotted us now." For those who don't know there is a militia stronghold indicated to the north west of Avgani, in the briefing it warns of avoiding this area. The stronghold had a clear line of sight on the trip flare area.

Just as I finished my suggestion someone yells out contact, the sound of trucks in the far distance. A panicked voice is counting: a phalanx of technicals converging on our position, with a mob of sprinting militiamen behind them. They soon dip out of view behind the hill to our 12 o'clock. SL yells for my team to move to him and prepare for attack.

Within seconds the technicals, still some 700-800 meters away begin to storm down the ridge line at us. I immediately request calling in laser guided bombs. The SL OKs it, and within 3 seconds I have my SOFLAM up and am calling HQ for a LGB sortie. One technical is especially close to us and is bearing directly down on me, in front of the phalanx. I scream "KILL THAT TECHNICAL, I NEED TO CALL IN THE BIRD!" Sniper fire maims the driver and the passengers bail out, firing wildly and inaccurately in our direction.

Within a minute the harrier is on the scene and laser guided bombs are falling. Combined with our accurate sniper fire, the technicals and the men mounting them are cut down. One technical goes out of view on the north forward slope of hill 255, we quickly try to find where it went but we are under fire and forget about it. We dispatch the remnant fighters from the technicals. Suddenly the near sound of a truck is heard from behind us. The technical which was forgotten about is flanking us from behind and is 10 meters away from Grim's face. Grim fires instinctively and shrieks. The gunner on the technical is missing, but the driver intends to run us over. A hail of bullets riddle the cab and the driver slumps over in his seat. The technical stops just a few inches away from crashing into us.

After some barking laughter we look back west. The militia attack is not yet over. The foot mobiles who were trailing behind the technicals crest over the hill, dozens of them. They do not yet see us, for it is dark. I get ready to call in artillery or air assets to repel this human wave attack. Pistolfield shouts that he is going to get on the technical and man the DSHKM. Truly, a trap has been set for the militiamen, who lack the NVG optics we are privy to. Suddenly my head explodes into a red pulp, I am now in the afterlife. The harrier which had been flying around waiting for me to direct its last laser guided bomb onto the enemy has strafed our position, no doubt because we manned an enemy vehicle, and killed all of us. The technical explodes into a fireball, surrounded by our bodies. Fusionpoo would later recount to us that he saw the "lazer" of the harrier's GAU canon firing on a distant target and thought that we must have called in a great fire mission. Little did he know that on the other side of that lazer was not stormtroopers but force recon marines.

After ten minutes of laughing we fly as crows to the other (eastern) side of Avgani and soar above the foothills there. After some searching in the dark we find Fox 1 and command running around on top of the hill. Suddenly they all stop and huddle around the platoon leader's CTO. He is saying repeatedly over the radio: "Fox 2, this is fox 1, radio check, over." "Fox 2, this is fox 1, come in!" B gets impatient and informs the RTO that he is using the radio wrong. "Damn it, i'm using it right!" the RTO fires back. A message appears on global chat by Eightball: "Is anyone from Fox2 there?" Giggles in the afterlife.

We spectral crows continue to observer the remnant platoon bicker about the radio being used wrong. I decide a hint is in order. I'm logged in as admin so I switch to global chat and send them a clue:

::After dialing Fox 2 you hear a soldier key up, then moan horribly. Suddenly you hear gunshots and the radio keys down::

They get the clue and begin to move north. Perched on a hill overlooking the town, there is a wide open ground of sand slope between their position and a thick cedar grove flanking the town. Someone decides that it would be a swell idea to infiltrate the town to reach the next OP by passing through the forest. The platoon's survivors begin to move down the slope and immediately come under a thunderous clacking of fire from all throughout the forest. An enemy ambush, brilliant! A fierce firefight ensues. Men are left behind, mere meters down from where they started from, firing at the enemy on their bellies. Smoke grenades are popped. One trooper begins to zigzag like the reporter from Generation Kill. More laughing in the afterlife. B, who had reached the bottom of the slope and taken cover behind a rock runs back up to the hill as enemy fire zings all around yelling "GET UP AND RUN! COME ON!"

Somehow everyone manages to make it to the edge of the cedar grove and they jog even further north, skirting the tree line. The enemy fire is more sporadic now, and inaccurate. From our crow forms we notice multiple sections of Russian infantry shifting, following the players as they disengage away, but staying in the thick cover of the forest. The players find a 2 story building on the outskirts of north east sector of the town and deploy in it. They spend nearly 20 minutes trying to call in artillery, presumingly to clear out the forest. Some rounds land in the brush, some land in the city itself. Regardless, the fire missions were not very accurate. Smugly confident that their botched fire missions actually did something, they proceed into the forest in an effort to infiltrate the town.

As they run through, the enemy finds them and ambushes once again. Grenades are going off everywhere, men are yelling. Then the remnant platoon encounters their greatest foe: A FENCE. Cue the Benny Hill music. They encounter a chain link fence blocking their way into the town. The immediate response in order to get past this fence is to fire a (captured) RPG at it. The round passes through a link and collides into some poor pedestrian's house. Then they all run toward and begin to bunch up on the fence. Fusionpoo uses his liquid terminator powers and somehow passes through, the others huddle around and attempt to push through iron, all the while grenades and bullets are zipping through. Little do they realize that 5 meters away is a gap in the fence. After ten minutes of narrowly escaping bullets landing all around them, one member of the tactical blob finally finds the opening, alerting his inferiors. One by one the squad bounds from the fence into the city streets of Avgani, save for one. A man is left behind, and cannot find the breach in the fence. He attempts to furiously push his skull through the metal fence, but to no avail. After a few minutes he finally finds it, and left behind by his squad, finally catches up after a sprint.

Fusionpoo heroically leads his men into Avgani. The group splits up and gets lost multiple times. Our spectral crow bodies are amused. Finally they make it to the MSR and bump into a patrol of two or three Russian soldiers, who are killed quickly. They run across the MSR toward what they think is the last OP (107), the abandoned asylum, unaware that we did not actually occupy our OP (225). Bounding down streets they encounter a few more patrols, dodging some, having epic firefights with others. Somehow by the grace of god they manage to slip into asylum. Russians patrolling outside spot them entering it and shoot rifle grenades in, killing one of Fox 1's troopers: Enro.

Fusionpoo says over and over "Where is Enro?" After a few someone says "I think that grenade got him." He is a spectral crow my friends! Scrambling out the merry company of five proceed to the north of the MSR (if you were counting, they were 3 larger before they moved toward the city). Fusionpoo later explained to me that this was an attempt at capturing an OPFOR vehicle for means of transportation to the last OP. While he was doing it however, we crows had no idea what was going on, it appeared to be a suicide attack. For at the north end of the MSR entrance into Avgani was a series of bunkers, a UAZ, a patrol of russians, spotlights, and blocking fields of wire. And from which direction did Fusionpoo's men attack this system of defenses? The NORTH - i.e. the kill zone. Eying from around a wall corner, pop shots were taken at the bunkers. This excited the patrols nearby who converged on their positions from all directions. A fierce firefight ensued, and fire came in from the machine gun bunkers, foot mobiles all around and the UAZ.

The force recon marines shot out the search lights trained upon them. In the darkness muzzle flashes were seen and grenades lit the scene for split seconds at a time. RPGs were fired at the bunkers. During the chaos B was KIA and joined us in the afterlife. He explained to us command's intent was to "have some fun." Somehow, by the grace of Divine, fusion manages to capture the UAZ after killing the crew. It speeds off in the pitch black toward the last OP. I assure him in my Godfather voice over global chat that Ferrando wants an OP. Upon reaching it Fusion notices a T-72 and 30 militamen garrisoning it. Disobeying Godfather's orders to just "Roll into the OP" he takes evasive maneuvers and peels to the right, colliding into the only tree in the desert. The force recon marines meet an inglorious end: bleeding to death unconscious behind the wheel of a stolen Russian car.

Epic game.

03-25-2010, 02:07 AM
Epic truck winnage.

03-25-2010, 02:08 AM
Eightball: HQ RTO (radio given to Fusionpoo)/Medic/RPG/Laser Designator

Here is Fox 1 and HQ's AAR. At the start we realize Fox 1's FTL is an AI so miller(?) shoots him dead to take his radio pack. Then fox2 and fox1+ HQ get going to their objectives. So off we go to the North a little while and we have 5 footmobiles ~75 yrds and closing but they dont yet see us. So on the count of 3 we level them. And proceed to pillaged their RPG-7 and rockets. During this time of pillaging, someone notices that there are 2 Fusionpoo's with us. The 2nd is a bot and we decide not to kill him (even though Eightball's negligent discharge tried to) so Cromag could JIP. And again we go to the north-east up a hill to get to our 1st objective. Someone (miller?) spots a squad of enemy plus enemy arty in the town below this very large hill. So Fusion begins trying to figure out his 'Call Firemission' menu and Eightball starts playing around with his laser designator. Then suddenly bombs are dropped on the arty and a surrounding building, Eightball whistles and looks innocent while Fusion asks "WHO DID THAT?! I didn't authorize that!" Eightball blames ignorance of the targeting systems.

About this time we notice that the 2nd Fusion (bot) is no longer with us and Cromag didn't appear to join but we don't think much about it. Then we see a plane shooting at the ground like a laser going to the NE and Eightball says he really did NOT do that. So we assume either our AI is responsible or Fox 2 is calling in CAS. We shrug it off and setup a parimeter and engage a couple enemy to out south that popped up. Then someone spots a T72/90 along with several foot mobiles about 200 meters to the NE. We engage the enemy that spotted us and came closer without exposing ourselves to the T72 while Fusion lies prone exposed on a rise and was working on calling a firemission again "SOMEONE GIMME THE COORDINATES OF THAT TANK!". Firemission didnt work so we lazed it and dropped a big ol bomb, very awesome blast. At this time Fusion decides to get a SITREP from Fox 2 because they weren't visible on the map and hadn't reported in in a long time. He tries VON, Radio, text, and Teamspeak, no luck. Then some weird message hinting at Fox 2 being dead comes from the server so we assume they're toast.

So we go to check out the tank and if there's any crew remaining and notice our AI Fusion coming back to regroup with us. We loot the corpses and move around a radio tower where we hear some M4 shooting and notice that Miller is dead with the AI right behind him. Apparently this was retribution for killing his brother at the spawn point to take his radio pack. So Fusion performs a not so painless act of euthanasia (requiring 3+ bullets) on his evil AI twin. Fusion is now blessed with the gift of being able to hear all the dead people on TS so he starts using VON only. So we raid the bots corpse for mags and start heading down the hill that leads into the city and Eightball tells the fireteam there's a crow following them.

Eightball stays at the top of the hill for a few seconds and then the FT starts taking inaccurate fire from a 3 story building but Fusion doesn't hear Eightball say over TS, "Its coming from the 3 story building at X`bearing" and instead says "its coming from the trees". So everyone except Eightball runs back up the hill while popping smoke, then back down it while Eightball is trying to get permission to drop a bomb on the building full of baddies over TS. Finally Eightball gives up and does the zig zag all the way down the mountain and regroups and goes north parallel to the town. This is when we find a 2 story building to attempt to finally get the firemissions to work to take out this other 3 story building with loads of soldiers on the roof blocking our path to our Objective 2. After a couple minutes of Fusion Eightball, and just about the whole FT trying, Jimbo gets a successful firemission called in but it came up too short so we tried a couple more times and left with not really hitting the target effectively. On the way out, Eightball spots that damn crow that's been following him and shoots it without result. Damn invincible crows!

Off we go South into the trees while taking lots of fire from the city side of them. We come across a fence which someone nails with a m203 2x causing half the FT to become injured Then someone tries an RPG maybe twice with no results. So Fusion runs up to the fence trying to find a hole made by either weapon and just phases through it like the guy in "The Men Who Stare at Goats". Seriously, no hole at all. So we all try it with no luck then someone finds a hole in the fence about 10 yrds away and we get through finally. After a bit of dodging fire and dropping enemies and taking some injuries, we get to our Obj2 and apparently it wasn't clear because a grenade landed 5 ft from Eightball, exploded and didn't even injure him. So we cleared the place and the mission didn't end. So we left the Obj2 after realizing Fox 2 didn't complete their Objective and along the way realize Enro was no longer amongst the living. We walked along this long wall, turn a corner and see a spotlight shining over several MG nests so Fusion and Eightball start heading back when someone who was still around the corner says "ut oh, they spotted us!" So we move back to engage them, shoot out the spot light, drop the soldiers next to the light and wait for our NVG's to get used to the dark again after having the spotlight on us (Pg Up, Pg Up, Pg Up!!).

Then it gets messy. Soldiers start popping out of the woodwork in all directions, MG nests start lighting us up and we hear a vehicle with a mounted gun firing our way. So what to do here? Start lobbing m203 HE's at MG nests. But it wasn't a HE, it was a SMOKE! So that blocked our view of a couple nests and soldiers but it blocked their view of us too. So We start blasting at them while solders keep popping up behind and to our left side as well as the still active vehicle and other mg nest to our front. B died about this time and was carrying an RPG and rockets so Fusion launches it at a mg nest twice and the guy still wasn't dead so we took him out with our ACOG rifles. We kill off the rest, and the gunner in the vehicle and the driver who was just sitting in the seat for about 2 min since his gunner died not doing a thing. So we figure we got a working vehicle to speed up our capture of the last objective which some dead person who will remain nameless claimed was unoccupied (taken to mean, no enemy occupation).

On to the last objective with our cool new ride. Besides not knowing his left from his right, Jimbo guided Fusion to the hill. Once we were going up it Eightball in the gunner seat sees a line of ~25 infantry just standing there so he announces this to Fusion who keeps driving straight up the path and then a tank appears! I don't know if Fusion flipped the nitrous oxide switch because we seemed to do 100kph into the only tree on the dessert mountain. Everyone blacks in and out of consciousness. But Eightball manages to see that none of the infantry or tank moved at all to engage, standing as still as statues. He then he regains consciousness and steps out of the vehicle and goes prone. Then all the soldiers activate ripping him to shreds within 2 sec of leaving the vehicle. Eightball joins the murder of crows congregated above the scene of crow-entertainment for the last hour. Jimbo manages to step out of the vehicle but this crow didn't manage to see what happened in the end as he was trying to disable his TS plugin to warn Jimbo and Fusion to not leave the vehicle if they woke up.

And that is the AAR for Fox 1 and HQ

03-25-2010, 02:09 AM

i can still taste the rust off of the grille from that technical that flank us from behind. Do i still smell like gau-8 powder? That harrier strike will leave a mark!

03-25-2010, 02:18 AM
The ONLY tree in the desert and fusion crashed us into it netx to 25 enemies and a t72 WONDERFUL

Yes, this was bound to happen though considering how much nuclear ownage I had previously pushed our squad through. Ambushed on a hill, attacked from roofs, stuck on garbage fence, breach through city. somehow making it through to the OP, surviving 2 mg nests and flanking, hijacking an enemy Zu. Krause telling us the next op is clear and we can just "roll on in".Then we discovering its not...

Then running into the one tree in the middle of the desert in a last ditch effort to get the fcku out of the enemy squad and enemy tanks sight, it was epic to say the least.

03-25-2010, 09:53 AM
Very amusing AAR.
It's always nice to read how a mission went epicly FUBAR like this one, instead of what happens during most missions where everything is played perfectly and then AMBUSH, everyone died or similar.

One point though:

...Fox 1's FTL is an AI so miller(?) shoots him dead to take his radio pack
You guys DO know that when using the ACE Interaction key to access someone else's gear, AI soldiers ALWAYS accept to let you look through their equipment, right?
And you guys DO know that by killing that AI there one hypotetical player that joined late COULD NOT join, right? :icon_bigg
And you guys DO know that just because something is an AI, it does not authorise you to TK it, especially when you think it's an AI, but it isn't, and then you TK a player that was just minding his own business and was killed because players think that ROEs do NOT apply to friendly AIs (why NO, I was NEVER tk'ed under these circumstances. What would make you think THAT? :row__525: )

03-25-2010, 10:26 AM
Well 1st of all the AI was a FTL and probably wouldn't have authorized the exchange to an underling. And we tested it beforehand and no one was able to join when the AI players were on there (pretty sure the maker said it was bugged). Actually had a few people try to join before we ended up wacking both AIs. And we knew they were AIs because we were there when it slotted in and it was def an AI.. (Also you can do the "Greeting in English" menu choice and they'll respond like an AI)

As for the AI clone of Fusion, that was quite obviously an AI and was acting hostile and not down with the program. AI's are there to shoot at, not assist you (ok so the only thing they're good at is spotting enemies with their laser xray vision so you put them on a mounted gun). Hell, we were playing this EOD mission the other day and our friendly AI kept attacking us when they were on mounted machine guns. If you don't believe that they are pretty much useless as allies then by all means have one drive you around during a mission or fly a helo for you or be some important role that you don't have to babysit.

03-25-2010, 11:31 AM
Well 1st of all the AI was a FTL and probably wouldn't have authorized the exchange to an underling

AI always agree to an exchange, regardless of rank or importance, as long as it is a friendly AI (you have not TK'ed) and you are part of his squad. As such anyone in that FT could have requisitioned the radio from the FTL without problem.
Also AIs only attack players if 1) a human SL ordered the AI to target another player or 2) the target player TK'ed an ally (AI or otherwise).
Lastly, about the JIP thing, if I remember correctly Krause uses the AI JIP instead of a JIP script: basically AIs are used so that when a player connects, he gets transfered in the AI, but if the player/AI dies, the slot is lost until the mission is finished. I also played this version of the mission and half the squad we ended up with was comprised entirely by JIPs and we had no problems (well, until the end, but that was a tactical mess up and not software related). :icon_bigg

03-25-2010, 01:21 PM
Well this time it didn't work that way. Had several people try to join in the 1st 20 min and everyone just became a spectator.

03-25-2010, 01:42 PM
Well this time it didn't work that way. Had several people try to join in the 1st 20 min and everyone just became a spectator.

That is odd indeed. Look on the bright side, however. Maybe all these shenanigans would not have happened with more players (and more firepowah) in game. :icon_bigg
Still, good to know that there is this bug.

03-25-2010, 04:47 PM
Indeed, was an epic game. I was the unfortunate soul that got naded lol

03-25-2010, 08:15 PM
Fun AAR regardless. Thanks gents