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03-27-2010, 09:49 PM
The Beta of R.U.S.E has been going on for a week now, with one week to go, and is found on Steam. Created by Ubisoft, the Beta at the beginning runs a little video of the creators talking about the Beta and the game itself. Here is the official link to the game:

Below is a video from BloodthirstyCatfish that gives a pretty good explanation of the game, while playing a multiplayer. He includes the Beta problems, including game balance issues such as ‘airplane spam’ and bugs like disconnects.


Furthermore, here is EmpireErwinRommel give a pretty clear show of the common problems, but also a nice long gameplay to show some tactics and strategy, letting you get a feel for the game. Here is part one:


As the above picture suggests it’s a standard RTS set in WWII with the gameplay twist of having ‘ruses’ to fool the enemy, hence the title. In the Beta you have a selection of ruses like ‘radio silence’, which is basically ‘cloak’ movement. They have givena few other selections: You can also fake large tank assaults, set camouflage so the enemy cant see your bases, create fear in the enemy, and set your army to fanatical; all these however only occur in the area (the map divides these areas mainly by roads it seems) you select. This allows for movement in select parts of the battlefield, that is fought over maps with towns, bridges and woodland. With infantry having the ability to take over buildings. An example of use of what happened to me in a game, is a trick to cloak your infantry (or armour/both) and all of a sudden appear at the enemy homebase. After learning it myself, I can say, it works very well. Therefore, you need to think of defence, and so when trying to make the enemy eyes look elsewhere, timing and length of time before you make a move also count, which is nice. Also, if yo play a long time, it gets harder to keep in touch in a way, so make's you more vulnerable, and so is the enemy, if you can see a way in. Good stuff.

Since it’s a Beta, of course you can expect more Ruses, and hopefully so. Though enjoyable, the limitation does stilt the game somewhat. Other balance aspects are the usual ‘troop spam’, such as aircraft, or anti aircraft to compensate. Furthermore, early game multiplayer hazards are spam and more spam, as well as crashes. I am also hoping that terrain and surroundings like woods, hills, ditches, towns and buildings will have more of an impact so you have to set positions that make use of such in order for your forces to survive, instead of.. well rush and just spam units. At the moment, although there is some aspects like hiding troops in woods, it doesn’t seem to take it to this level and am unsure the game will itself. The developers do use this as a selling point but in reality, although you can in some places, it is not nearly enough. Ambush points, positons behind buildings to set up protection or an ambush do not come in to play so much. Yes, woods, do help hide infantry and some artillary but I would want more out of it than some simple allusions to it. If the game is about tactics and stategy I should hope to demand it. If not now, then I really hope this will be a key mindfullness in the the next game, so's to make a great game. Furthermore, of course there is the obligatory spam of units like artillery that fire over pretty much near a quarter of the map, spamming long distance missiles, which takes away from the ‘tactics’ or Ruses, the game so heavily leans on, at least in its marketing.

Overall though, I don’t usually play RTS due to the spam nature but it’s still absorbing. The zoom in from the ‘chips’ on the board in to a few fields to look at your units and position them is great. You constantly have to work out looking over the map as a whole to see an attack, to zooming in. However, the micromanagement takes away from map awareness, and since hardly any positioning of troops depends on terrain benefits, and the spamming or items such as aircraft (that will hoard attack) which can be devastating, many people seem to stay away as much as they can from micromanagement.

Apart from the crashes and bugs, in general multiplayer is easy to use. You just hop right in. Though little in any instructions tend to make you at least try out the AI battle (Blitz map, against Easy AI – the only setting given) though if anyone can tell me how to chat to ‘all’ instead of team, that would be nice. If not I’ll just keep hitting buttons. Speaking of which, I should get back to it instead of writing a pretty badly written write up - I got to get my French Legionnaires to wave more sticks at people. Ahh, there's a thing, the talking is mostly in American accents, which for a French faction or German, or Russian, or British, doesn't quite cut the mustard. A small thing maybe but it can be noticeable when your crew bombs about in the T34's (surely should have been a higher tank than medium??) and your quartermaster says in an American accent that you made a technological advance in .. I dunno.. fishing or something. This is telling in maybe how the developers miss out on depth. Simple things. Like knowing if you are exposed you're more likely to loose a fight with an entrenched enemy. The developers harp on about it in woods and towns, and suprise attacks and ambushes so why not further? I want to feel exposed in that farmers field, and want to high tail it to the woods, or at least know a hedgerow ditch is safer for, say my infantry. I want to get the drop on that tank battalion roving right into line with my artillary set up in the woods.; in that town I want my Tiger, to be lurking in wait for those Shermans, in some corner, hidden and overwatching the road in. All this talk about ruses and you can’t even talk to the guy in your own language let alone tell him to park it behind that big boulder. Speaking of which, in the Beta, the section of troops is a bit ham fisted, it feels like doing a surgical operation with boxing gloves on, or at least trying to select troops to go somewhere in a game of R.U.S.E with your mouse with boxing gloves on. Anyway, this is more a heads up than a review; if I wanted it the other way round I wouldn't be writing this past 3am and would be doing the same kind of emphasis on it as I would an essay (or review) at 3am. But I aint, I'm saying "oi, mush, heads up, 'tis a nice game verily, bar some misfits that doth upon my bonce".

In short then, the game is not entirely balanced but is a good step to it, and is lots of fun. Well it’s a Beta. But hey, I guess the proof will be in the actual game itself, which is promising, as the developers said of course there will be more in the finished product, I just hope though that being able to set your forces to use tactical terrain rather than hiding in woods or in a town, to make a very solid game indeed because at the moment it's still only a weak allusion of pretence and still is heavy on spam. Therefore it is weakened in game depth because of it. That and balance out spam like make things costly so the player has to balance up their decisions more, hopefully, with maybe funds or another way of using the development tree, instead of simply spamming units of one kind or two, and making little flare of the Ruses and tactics which is the whole point of the game, and is marketed and sold on this. Although saying that there is enough in this Beta to make you believe that if Ubisoft get this right, it’s going to be an amazing game, with the future development for further, deeper and more intelligent gameplay coming, in a remake. I hope they do then as there are obvious balance and game depth issues, if this is the basic stuff, even if this isn't the finished product and R.U.S.E itself is promised to be more in depth (see developers talk at beginning of Beta). Even so, I find some of the armour and gameplay a little, simplistic, and sometimes even fantastical. It is a tough fight as it is, games can easily last half an hour and the longest one so far I have played is an hour and a half. So an hour of tactics is very good, with one slip meaning a downfall somewhere and that could mean your eventual downfall – unless you get your shot in first. Enjoyable game.

04-01-2010, 07:00 AM
The Beta seems interesting and would be something I could get into.. unfortunately it's an UBISOFT game and right now with their DRM policies I will stay away from it..

04-01-2010, 08:47 AM
Interesting. What's a DRM policy (sorry, I'm being a plank)? Is there something untoward the company is doing? I wouldn't want to support a game company that are being idiots.

The Beta is totally unbalanced anyway and am not sure the marketed version will be any better. There are a lot of gameplay issues and I have noted others are saying if they want this game to be as good as and better than say Starcraft, the benchmark, and take it beyond this, they have much to do. I agree. The game of Chess has also been mentioned as the benchmark here. That and Starcraft. It's nowhere near this, at least in the Beta, and I'd be suprised if the rounded full game is. It may take another effort or another group to do so.

Perhaps Kharkov1943 is more in depth. I don't know, not checked it out. That's next on the list.

04-03-2010, 06:57 AM
Looks like UBISOFT is using a DRM Which requres a constant internet connection to play the game (All thier new ones apparently).. So even in Single player you would need that connection. Not a huge deal for me..but this would be a great Laptop SP game... and without the Internet you can't play. Grr..
As for RUSE.. I really have been playinf the Single Player Map hard for the last day or so... Against the Easy enemy. Just trying to figure out what is good and bad against what. Liek the ROCK PAPER SCISSORS analogy that has been used.. What beats what etc.. I kinda like the game..and want to see what goodies get put into it at the end...

Or maybe I just reinstall World In Conflict again..and finish the Russian campaign..

09-08-2010, 11:45 AM
Hey, the full, retail version was just released. Anyone else playing it?

Also, as for DRM, Eugen Systems/Ubi decided to drop the online connection DRM, in favor of steamworks.

10-09-2010, 01:53 PM
While this game isn't my cup of tea, they did do away with the UBI DRM stuff, and instead use steam as the DRM for US customers. It can't be bought retail in the US for whatever reason, only via steam.

Acreo Aeneas
10-10-2010, 10:04 PM
While this game isn't my cup of tea, they did do away with the UBI DRM stuff, and instead use steam as the DRM for US customers. It can't be bought retail in the US for whatever reason, only via steam.

They probably don't want people hacking the game, so only offering through Steam offers a added security layer in that the game files are largely encrypted (or at least the sensitive portions are). Also allows them to substitute their requirement that you need a internet connection in order to play.

10-11-2010, 02:42 PM
They probably don't want people hacking the game, so only offering through Steam offers a added security layer in that the game files are largely encrypted (or at least the sensitive portions are). Also allows them to substitute their requirement that you need a internet connection in order to play.

That can't be the reason since it can be bought retail in Europe unless you are insinuating only Americans hack games. The rumor going around (that makes sense) is since Eugen refused to use Ubisoft's DRM, Ubisoft opted out of properly marketing and distributing the game.