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04-05-2010, 12:01 AM
Mission...Rescue Chad Hudson...Initial Plan...Failed due to premature detection...Casualties...0...Mission Accomplished...My Perspective

My breach squad; Shopz the new guy,Soup the grenadier,Onyx the demoan,and me the leader of the pack did an excellent job doing what they had to do. Simply move near and assault the prison when Surf Team engages on the AA gun, cut the wires, blow the wall and get Chad Hudson into the blackhawk. But something happened. While we were holding our position near the prison a patrol team happened to come across us... We fired upon them with our silenced weapons tick tick tick. The alarms started to ring. "Okay lets cut the wires now" I said. My whole breach team knew that this was not supposed to happen and hell was going to break loose but they kept it with themselves and moved on. We blew the walls and eliminated the feeble men in the barracks. In a room we find none other than Chad Hudson. We regroup and head to the extraction point guns blazing all around us "Command this is Ocean we retrieved Chad Hudson over" I said...No reply. He was probably dead. Few minutes later "Ocean this is Command we are sending in the blackhawk over" I had figured the rest of Surf Team would be in a heap of trouble. Thank God we had a really good pilot in the Cobra. We all got in the blackhawk and completed the mission...No casualties...

Jack Bauer
04-05-2010, 03:55 AM
sounds like some new mission..... great improvising and leadership.....any more perspectives on this aar, especially mission wise??

04-05-2010, 07:26 AM
From my point of view... (Surf Team Leader)

Ran a comms check with Surf in base, had Hawkeye (Designated Marksman) and myself carrying spare ammo for Vigi (AT Gunner). Team performed comms check, finished gearing up and went out to the boats. Loaded up and awaited movement of the wet convoy. Ocean Team accidentally beached their first boat, had to grab another. Short delay, then departure from base. Had difficulties keeping the pace up, I was driving Surf Team's dingy boat, madly trying to prevent "bumper boats" en route. We approached our disembark point too close, we were well within the light pollution of the three or four searchlights. Should've moved off the coast and out of the range of the lights. Then came straight into the disembark point. Hit land, team disembarked. N0body was on point with one of my two SAW's, team formed a wedge on him. Moved to the top of the hill, held the wedge at evac point. Shifted Miles (second SAW gunner) from the Southwest side of the evac point to get overwatch on the compound. Searchlights went out, grenade explosion, contact. Surf Team was ordered to engage and destroy enemy AA Battery. While it was claimed to be unmanned, Vigi targeted and destroyed enemy vehicle. SAW gunners Miles and N0body opened up with controlled machine gun bursts. Hawkeye engaged targets at his own discretion. I started having trouble with the Long Range and Short Range coms. Determined it was my microphone. Went to shouting/micromanaging my guys with Group and Direct Chat. Surf Team held position and engaged multiple infantry squads, mechanized reinforcements, and armor. Lost a pair of AT missiles in the grass as I tried to transfer the shells to Vigi. Two minutes after being compromised friendly Apache came in high, lit up lase'd targets (great idea to bring the LD btw). Ocean Team came out of the compound close to minute four. Chad Hudson had some difficulties boarding the helo, Force was screaming at Surf Team to start piling in the chopper. Sent my guys in two-by-two, keeping the SAW gunners in place for as long as possible. My team loaded up, followed by myself, followed by a still yelling Force. Helo took off, went up to high, both teams were worried about enemy AA cover, we lucked out. Left the AO with whole team intact. Mission accomplished.

And another note, my apologies again for the botched communications. The microphone business has been dealt with.

04-05-2010, 01:56 PM
sounds like some new mission..... great improvising and leadership.....any more perspectives on this aar, especially mission wise??

It's a mission made by Igor for his IHS and he released it two days ago. It's a pretty fun mission, where Navy SEAL have to make a seaborne insertion to assault a prison and secure a CIA operative (Chad Hudson), while one cobra, one huey and a knightawk from the 160th SOAR have to infiltrate the AO flying into a small air corridor where the enemy radar has a blindspot (can't see anything under 20m sea-level) and reach the AO ready to provide assistance.
The ground team has to secure the prison and eliminate a nearby AAA, while the job of the Cobra is to engage any enemy vehicles allowing the Knighthawk to extract the personnel.
I played it when we tried it for the first time on Alpha and it was fun, although it went all down south after the Cobra flew over a restricted airzone (and was promptly shot down) and the Knightawk pilot was shot while trying to evacuate the LZ.
The mission is well made, the briefing and notes give you all you need to plan out the mission and Igor wanted to run another game today at 1600 EST. ;)

04-06-2010, 10:56 AM
We didn't get through to doing it today, could we propose another attempt at Op Furious Eagle today?

04-07-2010, 11:58 PM
We didn't get through to doing it today, could we propose another attempt at Op Furious Eagle today?

Just saw this AAR. I got another one in the works. Hopefully I can match the "well-made" part ;)

04-08-2010, 10:36 AM
Great to hear Igor, looking forward to it. :)