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Sc[ + ]pe
06-02-2010, 01:54 AM
Had a lot of fun with this one tonight, with Militant leading 23 Platoon, myself as 23'Alpha lead and B controlling 23'WEPDET.

With 23 Platoon at half-strength, mobilizing against a full company of enemy proved to be brazen, arrogant -- and also incredibly entertaining. I had the luxury of having a fantastic FTL (Gungnir) to collaborate with, and also some new faces to get to know, so time spent waiting for our transport to arrive was also spent with familiarization and back-to-basics briefing.

VON was working quite well this evening, so a combination of Teamspeak and direct-chat was used as we were inserted to the north-east of Pusta (where both Militant and I agreed the enemy probably wouldn't be expecting us). We regrouped near WEPDET and made a brave first push towards the city. Everyone was on their toes, and I felt a sense of cohesion I haven't had since playing with the radio plug-in.

As Alpha advanced parallel with WEPDET, B's squad was attacked from the south (where we had absolutely no ability to support). Alpha reacted by covering some serious terrain to the north of Pusta, looking for a solid position to assist the crippled WEPDET; although we secured a fantastic position, it was too late to help out B's unit, as he reported everyone but him had been killed in a southern ambush.

Alpha went into recon mode as we awaited B's reinforcements, and FT2 quickly spotted a squad of infantry hiding in a forest near the city. These units, almost on queue, mobilized against B's now-regrouped detachment, forcing our team to engage. Although our shooters were in an ideal position, we had severely underestimated the enemy strength in the forest, as dozens poured out towards WEPDET. Overwhelmed, Alpha quickly shifted west and ran head-first into a similar hostile force, which cut out fireteams down the middle. With our attention split down the middle, both fireteams scattered to cover before being annihilated. Despite the most valiant efforts of my squad in attempting to revive me, I succumbed to the injuries sustained in the firefight and disconnected from the server (rather unfortunately, as I was just beginning to enjoy myself).

Good game everyone, and particularly to the Alpha doggs that I took a bullet or two for!

06-02-2010, 03:39 PM
ALPHA DOGS!!!!!!!!!! (woof) (also i wasn't there but sounds epic)

06-03-2010, 10:57 AM
ChiefBoats was the last man standing at Alpha's position and managed to hold his ground until just before reinforcements arrived. We had just dismounted and were about to crest the hill to assist when the enemy mounted a final push and eliminated him.

Overall this was a fun mission and I think the plan would have worked if those weapons guys hadn't gone and been discovered so early ;)

To anyone who tries to take Pusta again, good luck. The enemy will not be giving up this position easily.

06-03-2010, 02:08 PM
That was intense when all hell broke loose on that one hill I was on with Weapons Section.First firefight to break out left all of Weapons section killed except for B,who was wounded and crawling back to the top of the hill for cover, while under heavy fire.Bullets were whizzing over his head and over my head and I could see Bullet impacts around his sides as he crawled.B made it to the top,and B and I were the only ones left alive on that Hill so we prepared for an enemy rush that never came.Reinforcements reached us on the Hill and the second firefight erupted.

If ever done again, I see a better plan I would like to try.The terrain to the North East of that targeted city,looked to be favorable,because it seemed to allow for a good field of fire,and all the Sections could gather there to start engaging with maximum fire power,and then depending on enemy strength,a Section could be ordered to move and take the farm that was just on the outside of the targeted town, while other Sections keep putting rounds down range.

It was a bold attempt,If I remember right it was something like 16 or so of us, against 150 enemy who were concentrated in and around one town.

Tough odds,but truth be told,I think it could be done.You guys here at TG can take on anything with the right plan on the right terrain regardless of odds :)

Sc[ + ]pe
06-03-2010, 08:53 PM
The hill that Alpha took shortly before being annihilated was a perfect location -- but with so few players, we were unable to guard our flanks. Send two sections onto that north-east overlook and go at it.