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06-08-2010, 12:07 AM
Hi guys,

I would appreciate any feedback or comments regarding this mission. Things I am looking for info regarding:

A) Failed or glitched tasking.

B) Gameplay issues / imbalances / etc.

C) Lag / Slow Gameplay due to too much stuff happening.

D) Things that simply didn't work

Thanks for helping me!


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06-08-2010, 12:51 AM
-Visual confirmation on map of completed civ targets would help confirm if the completed properly.
-no nvg's for pilots, but unnecessary due to time of day and misc fires burning. (I would only use it to see IR strobes)
-had some people bug and get stuck in the later seats of the BH, also 1-1-C slot was crashing due to beta patch
-in the context of our attempt, a 2nd BH would have been more utilized than the huey, as it was being used for C&C. not CAS (which the LB was better suited for)
-Ind respawns at the US embassy were a pain, should just spawn at carrier, a comms pain to reintgegrate them into the fight (as ind), but not unrealistic or unsurmountable.
-Few if any technicals at targets, CAS and evacs were only slightly opposed.

Probably my favorite TG mission, as it balances combined arms SF in a very fluid and fun way, rewarding competence at each stage. Glad it's back on server, can't wait for Ia Drang to get a refresh.

06-08-2010, 03:20 PM
The counter attack from the north woods has a bug. I mentioned it too you earlier. The AI attack but once they are hit they dont die, instead turn and walk around. I agree with Glory, as a BH pilot i was pretty much left alone in the air. Give us something to fear :)

More targets for ground troops. I think that getting the German guy should be really hard, as the enemy has now had time to call in its reserves and prepare for you to get there. Overall though, I friggin love the embassy mission!

06-08-2010, 05:37 PM
Good mission,

Personally I liked the Helo set up,the huey's observation spot was ideal for watching the battlefield.The problem with that night when we played the mission,was that all we had was a SEAL's team and nothing more until a little later when people joined and formed another small team on blufor.If all squads were filled up,I think every pilot would be very busy flying around picking up and dropping off troops and the Huey would have played a more active roll then just an observation one.

Pilots did take small arms fire while inserting and evacuating troops and some damage was done and the small arms fire on the helos made for some tense situations, but the helo pilots were able to recover or endure the hits.Maybe add some technicals into the mission to give the LB attack helo some good targets to engage,as well as maybe add more RPG and enemy MG gunners.This could deny an easy insert into the Embassies by both air and land units,forcing other squads to maybe secure certain areas,to keep the resistance low,when the choppers move in.

Maybe add more roadblocks or barriers,wreaked cars and smoke that can block views all over the streets and town,so when you get in the town,your field of fire that goes across the town will be obstructed and limited.

I agree that the German embassy needs to be a very hot area.More enemy is needed there and scattered in the surrounding areas.

Same with where the US civilians were, that needed to be evacuated.It looked like there was little to no enemy around them,maybe add a lot of rebellious civilians and more civilians in that area to make the search a little harder for the US civs.Also increase the number of gunmen around there,add a group that simulates a militia or a gang or some kind of criminal element,that's looking to pillage the area and cause fear.

Also if possible add cars that drive around loaded with civs and hostiles,it can give the player a new threat to watch out for when he sees a car.

Maybe as time moves on and it starts to get darker,regardless of whether we killed some civs or not,make the enemy increase in numbers,until everywhere becomes dangerous.Limited amount of NVG's would go well, it can simulate that,this operation was not planned or meant to carry on into the night,and when night comes the difficulty increases with more enemy and limited visibility,also put many fires throughout the towns.

The commander should get a sense of urgency,on having to close the deal on this mission and get everyone out of Somalia before nightfall,and before the hostiles really increase in numbers.

I think the Independent side needs to be tweaked somehow.They should probably respawn on the carrier or somewhere else other then the embassy.Sometimes helo's had to keep going to the US embassy to get people and it made me wonder why we even made a plan to evacuated people from there at all in the first place if i was just continuing to send Helos in on their own to pick up the Independent throughout the mission lol.

Also,with the Independent,they were the first to get evacuated,and finding them a task to do after they got rescued needed to be done.Rescuing the Independent and then having them sit on the Carrier, i don't think would be to fun for them,and as they were thrown into the fight to secure other areas,comms had to be switched constantly to talk to them.

I would suggest that maybe,we switch the Embassies,and make the rescue of the German Ambassador a priority,and the second run would be for the US embassy and the Independent team.That way they can stand ground and defend for some time in a hot zone,and be rescued halfway through the objectives.So then the Independents can remain busy fighting the enemy so the enemy does not over run the perimeter,and the commander does not have to worry about assigning them a job afterward.All armed US personnel should be evacuated last.

Another Idea for that,is while the Independent are guarding the embassy,they too, have to fullfill a task before getting evacuated,and that task is to find a few more US civilians in their town and bring them back to the embassy for evac.They will need to find them quickly before enemy strength builds up and before the Evac choppers arrive.Independent should have their own small task's to do to keep them busy until its time to fully pull out of the Country.

A bug we seemed to have faced,was that one of the US Civs (the Women) was bugged and unresponsive,and she would not get into the Helo..At that point,i would have wished that we could have gotten a soldier to restrain and carry her into the bird if need be,but we couldn't so she was left behind.

Another idea to throw out there to simulate more chaos,is have some more AI Independent scattered throughout the area, to simulate gang on gang violence,so in some situations it makes it hard to identify who is trying to really kill the player.A very,very low level of Independent AI could be good enough,so if a player sees a man with a gun and think it might be a hostile he has to wait and hold fire to see if that man with the gun really is a direct threat to him,or as he keeps an eye on him he can witness the man getting shot by another man in this massive chaotic riot.

All in all, I really like this mission and being able to watch the battlefield from up high using the observation spot in the Huey, was great.

06-08-2010, 05:55 PM
Ind comms Could be fixed with the a2ts plugin. Alternativly, have the german embassy defended by ind german troops (replacing task of IND marines at US embassy). Give the US embassy a couple "bodyguards" for emergency use (mp5's, pistols) and make the seal team the primary defense of the US embassy until extract with flag and documents. (phase 1)

German troops would have to hold german embassy until the US embassy and Seals were evac'd, then they could be extracted afterwards. (phase 2)

Once -everyone- was back at carrier, (phase 1/2 complete) then add the additional civilian triggers and everyone could load up in the 3 trans birds to attend them en-masse (for phase 3). Civies could be placed all around duala, not just in the AO as well. Easy to limit active AI between stages and would make random patrols on the island roads more perilous and fitting.

Each phase could constitute a chapter, and the mission called after each one if desired (for time limits, population or disorganization reasons) And would help support JIP's as the mission ramps up in required personel as it progresses.

06-08-2010, 07:09 PM
Thank you for the comments and feedback. It was my intent for the independent Embassy staff to hold tight at the Embassy and defend it throughout the mission, while Marines used the humvees and 3 ton truck to fight and reach the Germans and Civilians in a sort of "mechanized infantry" way. It would be ideal for the US Marines who spawn at the carrier to be immediately landed at the Embassy compound, get tasking, and then load up into the humvees to liberate the Germans. At this time, the Independent Embassy staff would defend the compound from the enemy attacks with help from the SEAL team. For this reason I put the independent respawn at the Embassy itself to aid in its defense. The remaining air assets would serve as CAS and JIP/Carrier Respawn platforms to transport the troops, mainly at the discretion of the commander.

So far I have added technicals throughout the map and plan to make the German town much hotter. I have also scattered RPG's throughout the OPFOR to make it more interesting for the pilots ;). I plan on refining the brief to make things more clear regarding roles.

I will update on my progress and thank you for your comments and feedback!


06-08-2010, 07:12 PM
Ah, that makes the layouts and flow have more sense, and explains the hummers at the embassy. FWIW, the german embassy is best approached on mechanized foot instead of LZ drop anyways. (no good close LZ's)

That said, rescuing civvies by chopper drop and extract is a lot cooler.

Either way, my favorite mission in old, current, and future iterations.

06-09-2010, 11:53 AM
FWIW, the german embassy is best approached on mechanized foot instead of LZ drop anyways. (no good close LZ's)

Not really. A week or so ago, when I was SEAL team lead, I had the bird drop us on the coast north of the city to secure a future LZ and push up and secure/hold a staging area. There are plenty of places to land an move in on foot. Thats the best way for mission fun anyway. Land outside the city and fight your way in and fight you way out. MAN! I love this mission :)

06-09-2010, 02:45 PM
Version 2 on the way very soon. Thanks guys for your help!


06-09-2010, 07:37 PM
Sounds good Force Majeure.I didn't know before,but the idea of having the SEAL's and Independent defend the US Embassy,throughout the mission as the rescues are done, sounds good,and also the Marines using the Humvees and 5 Ton truck sounds like it would create some good game play.I would like to try the mission using the idea you mentioned, it sounds fun.

06-10-2010, 10:56 AM
Id like to see more enemys. ALOT more. Missions far to easy as it is.

06-10-2010, 07:01 PM
More enemies, yes. But I'd just like to say to the point Militant raised about having almost no enemy at the US civilian area was because as you were making your way there I was scanning the place constantly in my AH-6. Just before you got there there was a large group of enemies to the north east of which I made bits of and a few scattered inside which I also made mince meat of with the gatling :)

Just so you know why there was almost no opposition

06-11-2010, 12:32 AM
Well then,Outstanding work Kief lol.

That last part,having to get the US civs out of Somalia completely caught me off guard.Everyone was on their way back to base, and I thought the mission was complete, until I checked the map again and saw that objective.I didn't notice the message to get them at first because I was busy communicating on comms,but everyone was later sent back into the country once again to get those Civs.

The pilots did a great job on that mission,the way they took off from the carrier one after another to get the mission started, and the way they pulled the mass extraction at the end was cool to see,and witnessing the Helos land in compounds and the Inf disembark to secure it was very cool also.

You fly guys do incredible work,and I wont hesitate anymore to push your skillz to their limits :)

The other Bug I forgot to mention, was that when some players respawned at the Carrier they respawned under the Carrier.Might have already been known,but I figure I would mention it anyways.Not sure what slots they were.

06-11-2010, 11:16 PM
I have addressed the "lack of enemy" issue and feel that I have fixed it ;). I'm awaiting the opening of the Submit Thread and Version 2 will be on its way.

Thanks guys