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LT winters30
06-16-2010, 12:47 PM
Hello all this an ARR for CO Georgia V1 at 2-3 in the morning today and my first AAR

Everyone did great on the mission and it was pretty good start to end except for a couple of hiccups like when I hitched the hummve on small stone wall and scoop had to ram me to get me unstuck.
I was the Alpha squad 2 Fire team leader. We First attacked Vorwork to get to the repair ammo trucks so that we could rearm and repair our helos for air support and if we could the tanks at the other FOB. We secured Vorwork and returned to the base to reorganize and rearm and fuel the helos. We then moved out to take the second FOB when the tanks were being held. But those of us in Alpha were held up trying to cross a bridge with a mine on it. We got out and took firing positions and covered Fire team 1 as they moved over the bridge to attempt to remove the mine. They were unable to remove the mine but we were able to negotiate around it but that’s when I got stuck on a wall. But Scoop and his incredible ramming skills was able to get me unstuck. Unfortunately while we were dealing with the mine Bravo moved ahead and secured the Armor FOB ahead of us. Once we made it the armor FOB we took up firing positions on the north side watching north in case of a counter attack. We waited for bravo to bring the Supply trucks up so we could have tank support when we attack the Georgia staging area. Once bravo gets the tanks situated we move out only going 50 MPH and the armor trying to keep pace with us. We arrive at a suitable location to hold up. We dismount the vehicles and get into position to attack. Then I hear Scoop say that the tanks are going in and were going to support them. When the Tanks crest the hill and engage the enemy things appear to be going well then one gets disabled and we 1 Fire team gets the order to attack and relive the armor. But almost as soon as they crest the hill they come under heavy fire and scoop gets knocked out. from here the mission just fall apart but it was all fun to play and it was awesome most of the time guys. Scoop was a great leader and props to the guys in Alpha Fire team 2.
Here’s a video of the game


06-16-2010, 04:19 PM
Excellent mission from what I could hear/see. Unfortunately Roadkill (helo) could only do recon due to lack of ammo and connection problems from the gunner.

Sc[ + ]pe
06-16-2010, 04:41 PM

I like that.

Fantastic mission, fantastic FTLs, fantastic communication work. This is the kind of mission I want to play again and again.

LT winters30
06-16-2010, 06:28 PM
sorry i forgot the e

06-21-2010, 08:54 PM
looks like fun, I can't wait to start making missions and playing on TG again.

also gotta love the classical casey casem/DJ style of leadership by scope. He needs his own smooth Jazz radio station.

I love the new sound FX that ACE is introducing, it actually is starting to sound realistic ,especially the distant gunfire "hail stone" noise.