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07-26-2010, 10:35 PM
Please submit your experiences here on what you've learned from both listenserver and dedicated server hosting.

07-26-2010, 11:09 PM
JOINING A SERVER: the steam functions to view server info, or join a game that a friend is playing both do not work. Use the in-game server browser. If you need to supply a password, use your mouse on the OK button as <enter> just inserts a newline and will make the password invalid. In other words, don't use <enter>

PORTS: On my gaming desktop, I changed my Linksys crappy firewall to "DMZ" my IP address, as I'm not sure what ports need to be open. On initial glance at netstat, looks like UDP 27015 at least is used again.

BANDWIDTH: on my business cable of 10Mbps down / 1Mbps up (and I get full speed in both directions most of the time), I was hosting 6 players no problem. Somewhere in the 8-12 range, it felt fairly maxed out. My player limit of 12 also didn't seem to work, as I had up to 15 players connected before it got really bad. Could have been my CPU too, easily

CPU: hard to tell if it's multicore aware. When I alt-tab'd out, it temporarily froze the game for everyone. One core was maxed out, the other at about 50-70% with 5 clients. This was running a listenserver. I have a dualcore with XX Mhz. Interestingly enough, the clients still seemed fairly playable even though my session was unusable.

MEMORY: didn't seem too bad, about 2 GB or so including my client session? Need more data.

VOICE: Voice chat quality is excellent, and held up almost perfectly even when my computer/internet connection was taxed.

MAPS: ns2_junction you may want to avoid, the marine Infantry Portal is inside of a box that's almost impossible to get out of, and you can fall through the map. Skulks report that many vents are too small to get through.

MISC CONSOLE COMMANDS: "map ns2_tram" will indeed change the map, and will also give you the performance bonus of dropping everyone :) You will need to restart NS2 as well, as creating a new hosted game doesn't appear to work otherwise. "kill" will kill your player if you're stuck or fall through the map. "rr" in the console is the equivalent of F4, will send you back to the ready room.

MISC OTHER: the Random Team always picks aliens? Confirm?

07-26-2010, 11:24 PM
Looks like there's some potential time-based performance issues. My 4 player game was fine, then my local session went to about 0.5 FPS and everyone else suffered too. Memory was OK so doesn't look like a leak. Internet connection was OK. Not sure if it was a listenserver issue, or a client issue that took out the server as a side-effect. One of my cores stopped recording most of its previous activity, so I think something internal to the software tanked.

My previous 12+ game went longer without the same issue though.

07-27-2010, 12:54 PM
Dedicated servers do not currently appropriately reassign ip for the .exe. You can set it in the xml, and it will read right in the console, but the server browser will always attempt connection to the primary IP of the server, so if it's not set to that nobody can connect (was my problem yesterday)

Memory usage seems to be right about 1.5GB (which is somewaht huge) and about 10-15% CPU. Only looks to be running on a single core for me, but it's not actually using enough power for me to tell for sure.

very few config options for the alpha. No rcon, no console, etc. etc.

Uses a fair amount of outgoing bandwidth. Right now I'm showing about 3Mbps utilization, which is roughly 10% of what I expect my server to be able to handle routinely.

07-28-2010, 10:58 PM
Request from the NS2 Devs: "NS2 dedicated server operators - could you please put "dedicated" in your server name, so people avoid the listenservers? Thanks"

Dedicated server download link: http://www.unknownworlds.com/download.php?file=Server.exe

07-29-2010, 07:05 PM
Also including the build number is nice for players.

Per patch build 150: corrected -ip connections so you can assign IPs (I have thus launched a tg server called NPA NS2 dedicated yadda yadda on .179 with the NS1 servers) with a password of: tg. also should appropriately drop connections for players that quit, so that you don't have to restart it every hour.

Right now the steam auth servers are down so I don't know 100% if it's working.

Edit: -ip flag still not working, but I've got the server running again under the previously mentioned password back on the .178 it was on yesterday.