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Basic Mortar Squad Operations and Call for Fire SoPs

Synopsis: An Introduction to the Player Operated 81mm Mortar System in Project Reality. Students will learn the basic operation of the mortar system, understand fully its hud and control schemes, understand its basic capabilities and limits, and all become proficient in Basic Forward Observing as a Squad Leader for the Mortar Squad.

NOTE: Students who read the required SoP material can skip this course (without pin) and move to the Intermediate Mortar Course, however, understand that I will not back track much as the courses progress. Required SoP material will be forth coming.

1. What Mortars Are
*Basic Placement
-Two crates and 200m Radius to FO and Place both Mortars (within 50m)
-Basic Placement for Strategic/Tactical Operations (300m-1500m range)

*Operation Principles
-The Dedicated Mortar Squad: 1 Squad Leader/Forward Observer, 2 Operators, 1-2 Security Personnel/Ammo (optional)
-Squad Leader Operations: Finds Location, Secures logistics, communicates CFFs
-Crew Operations: builds emplacements, keeps security, keeps fire records, reloads stations (4 shells per ammo bag), operates mortars when CFF in effect.

2. Basic Operation of the Mortar Emplacement
-1,2,and 3 key ‘scope’/ shell loaded
-4 key (2 key for INS teams) Calculator, alignments (Depression, Deflection, Compass, Capslock Range Finder)
-W,A,S,D keys and what they do
-Decreasing/Increasing Range

*Calling System (operation can not be done when mission is not in effect)

*Map Marker/ Range Finding/ Deflection Alignment

3. Basic Forward Observer and Mortar Station Standard Procedures
*Squad Leader as FO
-Calling Missions (“Call For Fire”/ 3d & Map marker/ GLTD&Binocs Mission placement)
-Defining Mission Type (Number/Type of Rounds, Fire for Effect, Fire at my Command)
-Mortar Crew Responses (“aligned/ready” , “Shot Out” , “Need Mission”)
-Basic FO Response (“Shot Over”, “Shot Short”, “Shot Target”, “Shot Unobserved”, “Shot Errant”)
-Basic FO Adjustment (“Adjust Angle”, “Adjust Out/In”)

4. Exam!

(Requirements: Class of 3+, Co-Op Kashan Desert)
(Awards: Indirect Fire Pin)

Class 1 April 16th 2011 @ 2:00 EST
Class 2 April 23rd 2011 @ 2:00 EST

(Class 1 and 2 are the exact same class, just different times)

Expected Time not incluiding exam 30 minutes to hour.

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Thread Title: Basic Mortar Course Sign-Ups
TGU: PRvBf2 : "Basic Mortars" "Class 1 April 16th 2011 @ 2:00 EST
Class 2 April 23rd 2011 @ 2:00 EST

(Class 1 and 2 are the exact same class, just different times)

---Form Begins---

DATE AND TIME: "Class 1 April 16th 2011 @ 2:00 EST
Class 2 April 23rd 2011 @ 2:00 EST

(Class 1 and 2 are the exact same class, just different times)

Players will be required for TeamSpeak roll call in the TGU channel 30 minutes before the module.
Anyone who is not present 10 mins before the scheduled start time will be counted as absent and will be disallowed from participating in the next module run for the game in which the module was missed.

Module Name:Basic Mortar Course
Prerequisite: None

What not to post:
"What time will it be in my time zone?" Work it out.
"Are non-supporting members allowed to participate?" Yes. However, supporting members get priority.
"It's not fair! I keep getting pushed out by Supporting Members!" Become one.
"Can you change the date?" No, the date is confirmed.
"I'm on the reserve list. How good are my chances of playing if I show up?" Decent. There'll inevitably be a few cancelations before the session and there can be one or two no-shows on the day of the session.

Quick Session Information
Date:"Class 1 April 16th 2011 @ 2:00 EST
Class 2 April 23rd 2011 @ 2:00 EST

(Class 1 and 2 are the exact same class, just different times)
Time:"2:00 EST"
Be on Teamspeak By:" 20-30 minutes prior"
Estimated Duration:"30minutes -1 hours"
Server: IP/Password Given in Teamspeak
Module:"Basic Mortars"
Number of Students:"x/13"
Credit badge:

Ground Rules:
CHECK FIRE! Once on the server, hold your fire until specifically instructed to do so. This is very important so that your instructor can address everyone without background noise of weapons fire or explosions.
Listen to your instructor and follow their directions. It is important that everyone listen to the instructor and be ready to follow instructions so that the material in the module can be covered in a timely manner. The more the instructor has to be off-topic the longer the module will take to complete.
Minimize Com Chatter. Questions are greatly encouraged as part of the learning process, but many people may have questions at once. If you have a question or comment, simply type a request such as "question" or "comment" in the in-game chat and your instructor will call on you and let you have the com when they are able.

How Spots Are Assigned:
The first priority will be given to Supporting Members above non-Supporting Members. After that, People who have attended a TGU Basic Infantry course over those who have not. People who haven't attend a Basic Infantry course are allowed to sign up but will not be awared a badge until they passed or are writen off by a instructor.

A reserve list will be made up when all the playing spots are filled. Supporting members, once again, have priority. When a player with a spot cancels, they will be replaced by the first person on the reserve list.

How to Sign Up
Players who no-show without notice for a session will be precluded from participating in the following session for the game where they were absent. Don't let your team mates down! Only sign up if you can make it. Because class spaces are limited, please don't take a spot unless you're confident you can play.

To sign up, please simply reply with the following two items of information:
1) In house squad (unaffiliated if none)
2) Your in-game name.

Please reply to this message with the above information if you wish to sign up.
Players will be signed up on a first-come first-served basis.
Supporting Members get precendence in the order they sign up, then Non-Supporting Members afterwards. Your SM status at the time of signup determines which list you will be on. Once you post, you cannot become a SM later to work your way up the list.
You can pull out, but if you reconfirm, you will find yourself at the bottom of the roster.
You may not hand over your spot to another specific player. Your spot will be given to the next available player.

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|TG| K_Rivers

"bring on the sky death"

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im presuming the time is in relation to the PM right ytman? as in 14:00, or am i wrong.

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We should do it @ o'dark thirty hours, for realism.

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yeah should be PM est. That'll make it 1900 for you.

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1) None
2) Clavis51

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1) none yet
2) m4in

been toying around with mortars, looks to me they can make a great impact but hardly ever get used

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Turns out I can make it today after all!

TG BalfaX

Thanks for this course, yt

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Sorry wasnt there, something came up :(

A chance you will do it again? Private tutoring? :)

What did the other guys think of it?

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Next week :D

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I would like to attend the course on the 23rd

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2) whizzo91.

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I wana jump in this class for the 23rd tonight if ya dont mind

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8379Not a problem at all.

Have an updated Range Card. Very basic still.

Rivers I think you'll like a couple things I've added. Overall it'll be more condesnced but also informative about some new aspects I've learvned :D

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Class should be starting in 12, see youi TS.