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06-05-2011, 05:34 PM
Recently, someone decided to screw up the Bravo server. And so, while the TG team works on fixing it, we are seemingly trapped in an endless world of Lingor DOMI (also known as limbo).

The last nights morning
an unscripted event of epic proportions

I had been playing the map since it was still light. A few people came and left, and then came again. Day had turned to evening, and as we prepared for a raid, evening turned to night. It must have been about 2000Hrs or so. I hadn't really checked the time in a while as I was still upset about sinking to the bottom of the water and drowning while trying to board the boat... again. Wingman was our infantry SL, and the Cobra was once again, in the wreck repair bay. there were five of us on the boat moving around the enemy base, to try and sneak in from the North. Just about the time we hit the beach, the whole sneaking thing goes out the window as a enemy attack chopper decides to fly over head and pepper the beach with with explosive rounds. A five man squad quickly turned into three, and from three into two, as Captain Loper and I were zig-zagging off the beach trying to hide from the NV eyes of the enemy chopper. I could still hear the pleas, for help from the third survivor, Drbraindawg, bleeding out on the beach over by the boat, or what was left of it. Either way we could risk going back for survivors, we were on our own now. Loper and I ran north up to a little compound with a couple warehouses and some cargo containers. Once we got to safety we patched ourselves up a bit with bandages and morphine. Loper moved up to the roof of the building to try and track the chopper. A few minutes later, I was also on the roof with my AR, trying to get a few shots off at the chopper... which is surprisingly difficult with muzzleflash and NV goggles. The chopper made about another two passes, when the enemy infantry showed up. Neither of us quite figured out how it happened, but an infantryman found it's mark on me as I was proned out in the door on the roof, firing at the chopper. Loper patched me up although at this point we were both out of morphine. We quickly realized that I couldn't walk out of there without some help.

So there we were: trapped in a building with a chopper flying over, and infantry quickly closing in on us. Loper took one to the chest through the window, I watched as he collapsed on the floor, still alive, but now neither of us could walk out of there. although we were still in radio contact with Wingman, I still kinda felt alone. I began to hear the gargled sounds of my squad on the 343. then I saw the enemy helo, quickly lose altitude and then there was a loud, explosion of a helo off in the forest. a couple of minutes later I heard the familiar sound of our crew coming to save us.

There was a quiet lull in the firefight, as Wingman patched me up. Loper wanted to be carried out on a stretcher to the chopper in an epic slow-motion-esk type action sequence. Apparently though, when you pick up the front of a stretcher that's next to a wall, you can somehow knock the occupant unconscious. So wingman pulled him out of the stretcher, and we began CPR, and epi, to try and bring him back. The blackhawk flew into the compound while we're trying to bring Loper back, and when it landed it began to attract the attention of a near by enemy BMP. As soon as loper was up, we all ran off to the chopper to make a daring escape.

This is the end of the cool part of the story... My Arma glitched and it wouldn't let me in the chopper and I watched as the helo left me to be swallowed up by enemy armor... but other than that, it was a daring rescue for Wingman and Alpha Squad, and a epic survival story for Captain Loper and I. So I'm here to remind you, that even though I hear a lot of complaining that DOMI is boring and predictable, you never know when you'll find yourself on a daring night rescue mission surrounded by enemies. I'd like to claim this as the most epic unscripted event I have ever been through. Thank you...

The end.

06-05-2011, 08:57 PM
I was about to write about this shoomfie. You beat me to it this is way better then what i was going to write. This was probably on of the most exciting raids i have been in as i am new but i will probably remember this for a while. Hope we play again

Jack Bauer
06-05-2011, 09:31 PM
Great AAR!

06-05-2011, 10:38 PM
yeah brain, I won't soon forget it either... was that your stinger that hit that chopper? I was smiling when it blew up. I still can't believe my Arma glitched and locked me out of the our blackhawk. :( The funny thing was, was that when I finally died, my screen faded back into the game, and the was a T-72 pointing a rather large barrel down into my face.

06-05-2011, 10:47 PM
lol ya it was me that shot the stingers each were one shot one kills i was screaming for u to get in so when we took off me and wingman had died it was worth it though