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06-13-2011, 02:52 PM
Date: June 10th, 2011

Name: Operation Team Kill

Description: Engage enemy reinforcements convoy, move south and attack Poncho, clear out enemies.

Players: Warrior, Jack Bauer, LowSpeed, TalkingBeer, Unkl, Captain Loper, Intrepid (and a couple of others that I can't seem to remember)


Unkl, acting CO, instructed Alpha and Bravo to move west to establish a Base of Fire on Hill Piedras. Bravo moved down the hill and began placing satchels on the road when the convoy arrived. Bravo moved further south, both the Automatic Rifleman and Grenadier breaking west up the hill to cover. Bravo's Demolitions Specialist finished placing the satchels, and moved west with Intrepid to regroup and engage.

HQ's squad had planned for Bravo to move up to the compound to the north with them while Alpha stayed back but didn't expect for the convoy to arrive so early. With HQ pinned down, the rest of the men engaged various technicals. A bullet must have hit a gas tank because a Ural exploded during the firefight.

Private TalkingBeer, Bravo's Automatic Rifleman, accidentally shot our Navy Corpsman, LowSpeed, during the engagement.

The engagement took around 7 minutes, and after it was done, Bravo moved northeast to regroup with HQ. The Demolitions Specialist disarming and nabbing the satchels on the trip down. Unkl instructed a column on the west side of the road moving south.

The men took up positions facing Poncho on a ridge line. The following radio traffic established a contact report.

...Bravo to Command, contact report, over.
Command to Bravo, send, over.
Bravo to Command, be advise, 1 times UAZ in the center of town, break... 8 man patrol moving up the man road to the south of Pancho, break... 2 man patrol on a ridgeline facing east, over.
Command to Bravo, be advise Alpha moving to your current posistion, hold for further orders, Command out.

As Alpha moved to Bravo's position, the enemy became aware, and engaged with AK-47 fire. Bravo and Alpha returned fire, engaging 10+ contacts. As they did, Intrepid ordered Demolitions Specialist Warrior and TalkingBeer to cover the Eastern flank. The pair moved fast, and became pinned down as a fire team of enemy infantry climbed their way up to Alpha and Bravo's position.

Warrior engaged two contacts, but a third came up from the hill and shot him in the chest. TalkingBeer engaged the contact and yelled for a medic.

LowSpeed, still hesitant to be around TalkingBeer after the last ordeal, patched Warrior up.

Unkl maneuvered Alpha to an Observation Point, where they engaged contacts until the UAZ's DsHKM began returning fire. With both units pinned down, Unkl yelled for them to push forward. Both teams popped smoke and charged into their fate.

They found themselves in a small ditch, but in cover, and therefore semi safe. The UAZ, unaware of this maneuver charged up the road and right in the line of fire of the now, safe, teams. With the gunner dead, the driver hopped out and began taking pot shots at the group with his AK.

Bravo's Automatic Rifleman, TalkingBeer, saw a figure at the now enemy occupied, Observation Point, and engaged.

His bullets found his mark...on yet another BLUFOR member, thankfully, it was his last bullet.

Beshamed and forever a noob, Beer facepalm'd so hard that it killed everyone around the area of Poncho.

So, technically, we WIN!

06-13-2011, 07:51 PM
Cool beans Warrior. This mission would have slipped into the pit of memory if it wasn't for your fine write up.

If I remember right, I think there was only 3 casualties total. Our first casualty was entirely my fault & I'll tell you why....my last order had just been given to the SL's when the convoy came over the bend in the road & they were coming fast. We all were exposed on the side of the hill but the HQ element was only 150 m from the buildings. The last order was for all elements to move into the buildings. The problem was that we couldn't have all gotten there without some casualties & I think the SL's did a great job in adapting immediately. The HQ element reached the structures and began a feaverish duck & hit recon & assault. In a moment or two it was clear that Alpha & Bravo both were not moving down. I knew I had yet to instruct anyone on the radio that Lowspeed & myself were down that close to the enemies. I ASSUMED you guys could tell it was us down there but when I heard the frantic voice of Intrepid on the radio warning his squad of friendlies in the line of fire...I knew we were being shot up because I didn't radio our position. Arg! Without respawn our casualty count might have been higher because of this mistake as we would have been without a medic.

Another pivotal point you touched on...the gutsy maneuver into the ditch from watertower was a result of Lowspeed's initiative. I was looking that way too but was a little reluctant to order us away from the hard cover of the house into the ditch even though my gut was screaming at me to go & go now. Lowspeed comes up to me & says, "I'm gonna head to that low ground in the south & flank these shooters. You might want to get everyone to follow me, I'll mark my position with smoke." I said, "Great idea", then gave the order to you guys to move. I think this was a pivotal moment in the battle. We got down in that ditch & formed a line to come up out of it with fire superiority. We paused to repack mags at this point, something I hadn't wanted to do because we were sitting ducks for a couple nades. However, we got lucky & when we came back out anything standing in our way was put down & we got across the road into cover again in about a minute or less. Then we were close, had cover, and so split up & mopped up the remaining contacts.

Lowspeed says to me, "I wonder if anyone here even knows we have a corpsman." We were pretty proud of your guy's work.

If I had to come up with one lesson to be learned it'd be...when the order is to move now, break contact...it may be up to everyone to start passing that order around for everyone to hear as fast as possible. Several of our moves that mission were to flank during heavy fire and more speed might have afforded even more advantage.

TalkingBeerMug took some ribbing during the mission but his actions & quick firing also allowed us a lot of the movement that we were able to due under fire. I think a mission before or later I myself heard a contact report, spotted the "enemy" & proudly took our my Bravo FTL & his buddy with an HE from my 203. ungh!

06-13-2011, 09:05 PM
I'm glad you read it!

You did a great job leading this mission, as it was fast, methodical, and great maneuvering.

I personally think that NCOs played a great deal in the way this mission went, if it wasn't for their situational awareness, we'd been gunned down at that OP.

Regardless, great mission, great leaders, great games! All a TGer could ask for!

06-18-2011, 02:48 AM
Hey! I was FTL for alpha, not mention the one who took out a great deal of dismounts with my 203 and well-aimed fire :-P.....I feel so forgotten :*(

Myself and the rest of alpha had a great time on that mission. I can remember nearly yelling at my FT not to go down toward the buildings and to get behind one of the few pieces of hard cover, a large round boulder, on that blasted hill above the planned ambush point. Mighty proud of myself when I hastily estimated the range to the troop transport, dialed in my 203, let one loose and see it land nearly dead center of the amorphous blob of dismounts to the rear of their truck xD.

I also really enjoyed the dynamic between alpha and bravo. Lowspeed lead bravo and conducted himself very "by the book". I feel myself and alpha had a slightly gruffer "chew some dirt, shoot to kill, and cover your _ _ _ cause I don't wanna be the one wrapping a compress around it" modus operandi. And you know what? It worked.

Good fun, great teamwork and impressive adaptation.

06-19-2011, 09:58 PM
True that man, you did a fabulous job as the FTL! Sorry for not including your name as I was dead tired at the time of writing, nonetheless, great games and good job!