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12-13-2011, 11:23 AM
Hey Dad,

Remember that story you told me about how you guys thought the enemy transformed some of you to rabbits and hypnotized the rest into thinking the rabbits would eat them alive, so they ended up chasing you around trying to kill you while you tried to escape? Well, I don't quite have a story to match that.... but I won't doubt the validity of your story anymore. Pain and Morphine apparently make the brain see very strange things!!

So, a few letters ago I was telling you about CLAFgan and how we've recently sent troops there.... Well, there were reports of insurgents with weapons caches in a few of the towns around the area, so I was sent to assist with clearing the bad guys and finding their toys. Same ****, different country.

Despite the familiarity of the type of mission, I was kinda nervous about the whole thing. New country, new squad.... horrible combination. You know. But it turns out I was fretting for nothing. It was like a reunion... I ran with these guys on more missions than I can remember in a few other countries. I'm sure you'll remember their names: Unkl was our SL, Sarge was our medic, and Balfa was the other rifleman.

Anyway, Unkl was explaining how another four man squad had already started in, but were pinned down in a building just inside the AO and our first objective was to find them. So we all pile in a jackal and off we go. It was my first time in a jackal. And I got to be gunner. You never warned me about the lack of protection as gunner. I'm pretty sure the rock shrapnel gave me a concussion. So I'm not sure if the vomiting was from that, or trying to focus down the sight in that moving disaster of a vehicle.

But I digress.... we get to the missing squad's last known location and call them on the low band radio. Come to find out that there was only one soldier left. The rest of her squad had been taken out by a sniper. It could have been very bad at that point because we rolled right on up to the building. But there were no shots, thankfully. We get to the soldier, Pepper, and finish clearing the building she was in.

There was one guy on the top floor, so I'm thinking the sniper saw him still alive, figured we all were dead, and beat feet back to their base. Otherwise, I think we'd have all been taken out. Kinda scary how close we get to death everyday and don't even realize.

Well, we clear out the little town we were in, but we don't find any caches. Our intel was wrong. Shocker. We passed a small town on our way to this one, so we all piled back in the jackal (I'm gunner again. Yay.) and start back in that direction.

We're driving, we're driving, we're driving.... and there's the town. But it's on the other side of a stream. Which means we have to go off road to find a bridge. (Cause my nausea wasn't bad enough, right?)

Well, the worst thing happened at this point. We're driving along and all of a sudden Sarge slumps in his seat. Being in the gunner seat I couldn't tell what happened.... but Pepper was commenting on how much blood there was.... Balfa stopped the vehicle while Pepper checked for a pulse.... but he was dead. Apparently he took a rock to the temple.

I mean.... how silly. Of all the things out here to die from. A rock to the temple. But that's how it goes sometimes. Or course we couldn't stay stopped long. They belted his body in the best they could and we started on our way again. This time, though, a little more anxious.

I mean, our only medic was dead. We weren't being reckless before, but now we needed to be extra careful. You know me well enough to know what that means. If there's an invisible line to trip over, I will. Well.... I definitely didn't disappoint.

We found this rickety, beat up, dilapidated, metal bridge about a mile down the stream. So they hopped out and checked it out while I provided over-watch. There wasn't much to see, besides the bunny that I really wanted to shoot (for you), but I didn't. I don't think Unk would have appreciated that very much.

They deemed the bridge safe, and Unk comes back to take the jackal across the bridge. The first try was a fail. We didn't have enough speed to get over the hump. So Unk backed up and slammed on the gas. I should have realized at this point I was doomed, but I thought it would be fun. Which is was. Until I was shot out of the gunners seat, over the drivers seat, land in front of the jackal, and promptly get my legs run over by the drivers side tires.

I think I was in shock at first because I honestly stood up. I was going to walk back to the jackal and hop in again. But the first step I took I found myself face down on the ground. So I tried again, with the same results. That's about the time it sank in what had happened. Thankfully, Balfa was there and gave me quite a bit of morphine, but he couldn't stop the bleeding.

Unk wanted to put me in the jackal so I could rest until we could get back to base, but I told him to put me in the gunners seat. I could at least try to provide over-watch while they were clearing out the last town. So Unk gets in a drives so he could keep an eye on me while Pepper and Balfa were on foot in front of us. This is the weird part. I think the morphine was really messing with my head.

But I swear to god this happened.

Balfa and Pepper were in front of us..... Do you remember Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas? One of their dances they would squat and stand, squat and stand, squat and stand.... you remember that, right? Well.... Balfa was doing that. But he was still marching. And Pepper..... she kept leaning from side to side... in time with Balfa's squad-stand.... and all I could hear was “Oompa, Loompa, Doopity, Doo.....”

I started laughing.... but they had no idea what I was talking about when I tried to explain. I think they were messing with me. They had to have been, Dad. Cause I swear it happened. I almost fell out of the gunners seat laughing so hard.

I don't remember too much after that. I know Unk put the jackal in an over-watch position while they cleared the town.... and I remember them coming back after they cleared it... and I think at some point I heard someone say there was a medic back at base... but I think I passed out because I really don't remember much.

I'm alive, though, so they did something right. Ha ha ha. You should come see me while I'm laid up in this hospital. They say both my femurs are broke, but once I heal they're going to send me back to the front. So I think this is the only time I'll get to see you. :)

Love you, Dad. Write back soon!


****Despite being told several times, I can't remember the name of the mission. Hope you enjoy!****

12-13-2011, 02:26 PM
Great AAR, Loreli, I was wondering why my head was hurting when I woke up this morning.

12-13-2011, 03:24 PM
I seem to remember getting through a lot of morphene that night. So I may have actually been doing a wibble dance.

12-14-2011, 11:07 AM
Haha, I didn't have any morphine, and the grass was still floating six feet off the ground and sideways! I think the warlords must have been burning the opium fields.

Great read, thanks :)

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12-14-2011, 03:18 PM
Great letter. Just the way I remember it. Long drive indeed...I forsee ambushes from the mountains in all missions to take the advatage of that river bed along the mountains away.

Too bad we got RTB to pick u all up when there was only 2 baddies left in town.

Thanks for the post. It was fun to read

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12-15-2011, 10:46 PM
Remember that story you told me about how you guys thought the enemy transformed some of you to rabbits and hypnotized the rest into thinking the rabbits would eat them alive, so they ended up chasing you around trying to kill you while you tried to escape?

I'm surprised non of the older members commented about this reference..... or is that too old a reference? He he.

12-15-2011, 11:46 PM
Animal farm!!!