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02-19-2012, 12:58 AM
Looking forward to reading some great AARs from Operation Idyllic Autumn.
Thanks to JB and all involved for organizing it. I had a blast!

02-19-2012, 10:38 AM
I was the LMG1 for Apache 1'2. Section leader was Unkl, and TL was Sarge. Standard disclaimer of this all may or may not be completely accurate, names may be wrong/forgotten, etc etc.

The section worked really good together, (Unkl, Sarge, GIJoe, Ghostdog, Luke, Myself), keeping in relatively good formation, covering sectors without needing to be told, etc.
We cleared the first town with no trouble at all. It was too quiet, though, and we started getting nervous/suspicious. Moving generally east, we continued towards Black Mountain when we heard some firing ahead. I never did find out what that was about, but we moved on. As we waited in a tree line, we were getting rumors of enemy contacts in the area. Sarge and I moved up and a little to the left of the rest of the section. I spotted several enemy infantry in a field when a AA truck opened up on us. I took some minor shrapnel but Sarge was severely wounded.

I stopped my own bleeding, then proceeded to do the same for Sarge. After doing a round of CPR on him, I dragged him back to the rest of the section and reported what had happened to Unkl. I was ordered to escort GIJoe (the FT Medic) as he carried Sarge to the casualty collection point to our rear. After he got there, and noticing that command was providing security for the medics, I returned to my section.

Soon after returning, we heard a sound that all infantry fear... a tank engine. it was coming closer, but from behind us, in the direction of the casualty collection point! I believe we had a single AT4, which would only have pissed the tank off, so we all hunkered down and prayed. The tank passed us only about 200-300 meters away, but never slowed down or seemed aware of us. Sigh of relief.

After waiting a bit more, we moved up to Black Mountain and cleared it. We took a little break here. I spotted several enemy elements on the next hill (Klein?) and reported it to Unkl. A bit later the Harrier bombed the AA truck on that hill, and the weapons section took out an armored vehicle with a Jav. Que pretty explosions here!

Next, we proceeded a bit north-east to head to the next town. We reached a tree line on a hill. Suddenly we were taking fire from across the road! I finally managed to get my MG setup and mowed down 4-5 enemy infantry. Several tried crossing the road towards our location, but were cut down. All was quiet for a little while when the enemy tried again from the same direction. Again I mowed down several EIs. Just when I thought it was over, all hell broke loose from the direction we had arrived from originally. Heavy enemy fire poured in from the next tree line and everything got really confused, with several sections mixed up and no-one really seeming to know exactly what was happening.

A CASEVAC was inbound at this point, and I tried to find a spot to engage the enemy from as I followed Unkl. At this point, I was shot, and Unkl as well several seconds later. Next thing I know (while unconscious and bleeding out :p ) the chopper is in the LZ taking fire and the minigun was returning it. Hilarity ensued here as we watched enemy soldiers overrun the area and completely not notice several BLUFOR folks dragging casualties and doing CPR right next to them.

Eventually I bleed out and respawned back at base, were we tried to reform into ad-hoc rescue squads. A rescue bird eventually got sent out with a security team, but my section remained at the airfield. Mission ended a bit later.

Overall, I had a lot of fun, even though things really went to hell fast at the end :D The section really worked well together without needing a stream of orders.

(Warning: Opinion Ahead!) It seemed like people were getting really bored in the beginning half of the mission (personally, I was fine with the peace and quiet). Also, the LMG's were kitted out with 57Kg of equipment when we spawned in. We couldn't even run from the spawn to the chopper without passing out! Ammo/equipment crates were confusing in their layout/stock.

02-19-2012, 10:46 AM
I will call this a successful event that has left me with some few notes as a mission maker and CO.

First off from the get go was the slow pace of the platoon. This is because I made the kits for each soldier before enhanced the stamina system, which then would have enabled the LMG to run for at least 500 meters. I definitely need to take this into consideration for the next part.
Also to cut down the enemy strength at the AA sites, so the platoon doesn't loose too much manpower before the assault on Krasnostav itself.
The MEDEVAC system worked as intended, but after seeing the gameplay I believe Epinephrine should be issued to all soldiers as to cut game time down. After all this did last a very long time.

As a CO I should have had a backup plan and briefed the platoon on it. I should have explained better to 1'6 where I wanted them to block the Northern ASR so we wouldn't have had a T-72 drive through the CCP. When it went FUBAR I should have stayed at base as to coordinate the squads and sent them out to get Vader 1 into position instead of a ragtag 1'3 and 1'6 squad.

Edit: Siantis, the crates were to be ferried out to resupply the platoon in-field. All should have had what they needed at the start. This is also why I ordered people "off the crates".

02-19-2012, 11:26 AM
I was AT assistant for Apache 1'6, along with Chief. We had Cougar and Ravenhold as MAWS and Javelin accodringly, with Deimos as a squad leader, and Shroomfie as our medic. We were held at base while the other two teams were moved to the initial LZ. At that point, I think none of us knew what was going on and what we were expected to do. Next thing we are moved with Walsh to the LZ and blindly follow people around.

We moved to the first T section and up the dirt road that goes to Black mountain, when we were told to go up the castle and clear the area. Castle was clear but at that point connection killed our team leader. We had a few moments of "what are we doing now with no radio?", when magically JB's voice reached us and Ravenhold got a long range radio.

Off the mountain, we went into the woods, looking for something.... Suddenly I heard an engine that noone else seemed to notice yet. Is it the wind? is it our nerves playing games on us?

Nope, moments later everyone started hearing the engine and a T-72 appeared from the ASR. It was moving so fast and we were behind trees so the Javelin could not get a lock on it. Report was sent to command as soon as we all heard it, and when we failed to get it down we were told to go after it. Unfortunately, the T-72 got away but we were glad to know that no casualties were the result of that.

By that point we were at HQ's point. There were three wounded and one dead. We quickly helped with CPR. I had Sarge closest to me, so I went ahead and started CPR, 20 or more attmepts later, the chopper was close. Stretchers came out but we were one short, so I got Sarge on my back and went ahead to LZ. They were all loaded up and left for base.

Next thing we went back to Black mountain where we had view of another T-72 (I think), a truck and some infantry. After the Harrier blasted the truck, Ravenhold shot down the T-72 with the javelin. We were told to move further down to a hill.

We made it there ok, but as soon as we reached the hill I saw about 10 times infantry sitting in the open of the field. I had no time to report anything as I heard shots fired and as a result the enemy opened fire on us. In the first 10 seconds I was down. At that point, the dead men channel filled up :P we saw the chopper arrive and getting shot at, we saw people being flanked by enemy, and the attempts of everyone to get the wounded on the chopper. Me and Luke were eventually put in the chopper but bled out on our transit to base. Which is where I had to leave.


I want to thank the people that tried to gets us to safety, Ravenhold and Shroomfie for doing CPR on me many many times and Woof and Pepper for taking over when they arrived.

On a side note I would have liked to know what we were doing as I pretty much just followed the person in front having no clue. I did not mind waiting but I think the start was a bit too long, especially when you have no idea what you are waiting for.

Lastly, I think Epinephrine should be given at least to the medevac team so they can revive people on the field.

PS This is the first AAR of mine so excuse the typos, grammar, and things that should not be in it.

02-19-2012, 11:57 AM
Lastly, I think Epinephrine should be given at least to the medevac team so they can revive people on the field.Word. Although still need to RTB to fix up broken legs, arms etc. Simply because giving someone epi revives them and prevents the horrible thing of flying half way back to base, and then they drop dead out of the chopper. D:

02-19-2012, 01:29 PM
I was pilot for SuperSix4 the entire time. SuperSix Flight was comprised of myself in one of the two blackhawks and Woof in SuperSix three.

We inserted Apache element at LZ Nest and then returned to our base to await instructions. A good bit of time went by before we were activated again. I was on station as backup for Supersix three and the first call for evac went smoothly.

Woof moved off to evac a third time and I stuck back at base until I heard that SuperSix three went down. I took off and flew straight to Super Six three's last known position and set down taking a few shots to my left door. Woof piled in with what was left of our casualties and I got us back to base fast. It was about this time that the lag really hit hard. I was trying to land the chopper safely at 10FPS and I did, but unfortunately, the casualties died en route.

Woof jumped in Medivac and I stayed in Supersix 4. I loaded up respawns and dropped them at the marked LZ on the map, but it turns out, that LZ was a click or two away from where the actual evac was supposed to happen. As I raced to the second LZ for QE, my joystick came off my desk, the base snapped to 0 degrees as I banked to slow down, and I crashed straight into some trees.

The next five minutes, for me, were seen through a haze of blood red anger, crimson humiliation, and extreme embarrassment. I spent the entire week getting better at piloting only to crash at the very last moment of the mission.

Oh well, I got everyone where they needed to go safely and didn't cause a single scratch of damage to the chopper during landings, Thanks to Phlogios who helped me out earlier in the week to improve my landing skills.

I enjoyed my experience during this mission. Oh and before I forget, ...Pepper is an excellent medic and knows how to hide the bodies well >.>

Woof was an excellent flight leader and explained coms to me during flight operations. I've never been attached to an aerial squad before yesterday and I have to say, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Communications were a bit fuzzy in the beginning. Long range channel 4 is for pilots, but for the first twenty or thirty minutes, Woof, myself, and anyone else who tried to hail Apache 1 5 Oscar was unable too. That may be distance related, but it was confusing. We had no backup orders for Coms relay either. But that's nothing. I am merely divulging out experience, I am not complaining.

Thanks for the good time.

P.S. Thank you, JB, for the mission and the command. Nothing ever goes as planned, but I commend you for your preparation and execution. *salute*

02-19-2012, 02:09 PM
Ok i was a LMG gunner for Apache 1'3 with B as acting section leader along with DJ, Mastur Bacon, and Winters. This may not be completely accurate but i'll try my best to remember everything correctly.

Ok to start i came into the mission about 10 minutes later then everyone else and waited at Base with another section which i believe was Apache 1'6. I was told to take the next transport helicopter with them to the LZ. Upon arriving to the LZ i moved to regroup with Apache 1'3, but this is where i started to encounter some problems with my weight and stamina. I could not run far at all without blacking out so with some help from Apache 1'6 i attempted to fix my problem but there was no real answer at that time. I dropped almost everything i had except my M240 and 2 boxes of ammunition, and attempted to keep up with my section. Sadly i kept having problems with blacking out so i think it was Apache 1'6 who put me on a stretcher and carried me until i believe, we were outside Gvozdno where i was dropped and rolled down a hill into a tree. After that slight incident i regrouped with my squad and cleared the town south of Gvozdno.

We then proceeded to the North East side of this small town with another section of which i don't know. Once on the Northeast side of this small town our section spotted 1-2 squads of enemy soldiers and a ZU-23 anti-air truck in a field South West of Black Mountain. We had eyes on them for about 4-5 minutes and reported to command of this to which we were given the order to not engage. We were ordered to pullback to the road north of us going east out of Gvozdno. Once on the road our section took up the rear of the column heading East down this road. There were a number of sections in front of us but i don't recall who they were. I think they were Apache 1'3, 1'6, and 1'5 and another section?. We moved down this road and took the a left when we came to the second fork in the road. Upon taking this turn an enemy UAZ decided to run right through a friendly section down the road infront of us. I heard a M240 open fire and some other small arms but no casualties were taken and we moved on.

After about 5 minutes moving down this road it intersected with another road running north east , west of Black Mountain. We stopped here and then moved to a group of trees about 200 meters south of where these roads intersect and spotted an enemy machine gunner, the ZU-23 we saw earlier, and an enemy transport truck. At first we did not spot the ZU-23 and i engaged and eliminated the lone machine gunner in the field south of us. Our objective i believe at this point was to eliminate the enemy transport truck but communication went to **** at this point. Once the machine gunner was eliminated enemy units we did not know of were alerted. The ZU-23 opened fire on us and deployed smoke which eliminated any shot i had on it, so i suppressed the area i believed it was in. I then took cover behind the tree i was positioned at as the rest of my section tried to communicate where this truck was positioned. Someone moved up out of the trees with another man and shot the truck with an AT4. But in doing so the ZU-23 opened fire and we took significant casualties. Once the truck was eliminated we tried to engage a squad of enemies that were behind the truck just over a crest of a hill but we had no shot. While all this craziness was going on my fellow squad member Winters was shot so i helped him out and got him back on his feet. We fell back with our casualties to the north of the grouping of tress around a rock pile. It's then i realized i was the only one in Apache 1'3 who hadn't been shot in that engagement even though i was the farthest up in the trees. I guess you could say luck was on my side or i picked a good tree. So after assembling with whoever was left of Apache 1'3 and 1'5? We treated the wounds of the injured soldiers and kept performing CPR until their EVAC arrived. While we were all treating the wounded i heard what sounded like enemy Armor from the Northeast heading our way! We spotted the T-72 moving full speed south down the road towards us so we hunkered down by the rock pile/wall and took cover. It when flying past us moving South, south west down the road. Eventually after multiple rounds of CPR the Medical EVAC chopper arrived and took our wounded and RTB. Of Apache 1'3 only me and Winters were left and the rest were either KIA or wounded and on their way back to base. What was left of 1'3 stayed with Apache 1'5 for the duration and moved on top of Black Mountain where air eliminated a truck and someone with a Javelin destroyed a tank on the opposite hill to the Southeast. After some waiting around and moving to the Northeast side of Black Mountain me and Winters were ordered to move North and regroup with the other members of 1'3. So we moved north and next thing a know fire is coming from everywhere and im wounded on the ground. This is where everything kind of went to **** and where i'm going end my AAR cause i want to go eat some pizza.

02-19-2012, 02:53 PM
That would make sense to me Pepper :)

02-19-2012, 03:17 PM
I have the first half of video edited. Will upload overnight. You get much better footage in a squad I must say.

LT winters30
02-19-2012, 06:01 PM
Here's my aar contributions :P

02-19-2012, 07:38 PM
I loved the ending , good to see what happened after I left....

How was the BORG? that was priceless :P how did he do that?

02-19-2012, 10:47 PM
Video will be available in about 12 hours thanks to my upload. This is the first half of the mission condensed to 30 mins.


02-20-2012, 12:07 AM
I might write more later but I just wanted to provide some feedback and say that I think the whole medevac mechanic in this mission was a ballsy decision that pushed the boundaries of our hobby and our community, and also added a bit of novelty. I liked it. It should be possible to write a script that pauses life timer while on board the chopper, which would smooth out some of the bumps, but I commend the effort.

Also, the pacing was fine for me, but as a squad leader, there are always a lot more things requiring my attention, so that might have had something to do with it.

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02-20-2012, 05:31 AM
I was initially tasked with the MEDEVAC helo, but was moved to Super Six-Three after roll call. Super Six flight was tasked with helping with the initial troop insertion and then CASEVAC and resupply duties. I had Pepper on-board as Flight Medical Leader and Intrepid as Flight Medic. Dimitrius was the pilot of Super Six-Four. Intrepid was re-tasked as a ground medic after the first CASEVAC call.

It was pretty quiet for me, up until the final CASEVAC call. We received a 9-line and while en route to the LZ, we were diverted to a new LZ. That was a warning sign of probable enable contact (which was also indicated in the 9-line). On final approach an enemy MG opened up from the treeline NE of the LZ. Unaware of the situation on the ground, I decided the best action was to get on the ground fast and get the wounded on board. Once on the ground, a second MG opened up with accurate fire, quickly disabling the aircraft.

Pepper ended up pinned under the aircraft initially, and someone shouted to get on the UH-60's minigun. Standing around with a MP-5 I felt pretty useless, and those nearby were busy doing CPR on the three nearby casualties, so I jumped in and tried to put down some suppressive fire.

With the aircraft out of commission, I had put out a call that Super Six-Three was down, and that we needed the back up aircraft to be on station. I advised that the LZ was hot and to standby for an alternate LZ. During this time enemy infantry were streaming in from the NE, some casualties were still at the wooden house to the east side of the LZ, the CCP, which was being overrun.

I wanted to consolidate the wounded at the cluster of trees near the road in the hope we could secure things enough to get Super Six-Four to land to our southwest, away from the enemy troops, but things went from bad to crazy, and I ended up alternating between CPR and security with those near me, trying to keep WarFairy and the casualties near us alive.

When I saw an enemy west of the downed UH-60 I knew we were up the creek without a paddle. He went down after a few bursts, and then we tried to clear the enemy troops swarming the wooden house. Super Six-Four was inbound at this point, and all I could give for a LZ was somewhere several hundred meters to our West.

Somehow the original LZ was relatively secure (I'm guessing some good shooting by the folks at the wooden house), and Dimitrius was able to come in to the original LZ, close enough to get the wounded onboard. Unfortunately two out of three of our patients at the tree cluster near the road were now dead, so we continued CPR on WarFairy and loaded her into the helo. Pepper and the team at the wooden house loaded their patients into the helo, and a call went out to get the helo airborne and RTB.

When I saw there was no pilot, I became worried the aircraft was damaged or Dimitrius had been killed. I was very happy to see him alive and well, helping carry the remaining wounded out to the helo after stopping to do CPR. The helo spooled up and Dimitrius raced us back to base. Unfortunately en route our patients expired.

I took the MEDEVAC helo up as backup for Super Six-Four's extraction trip and to be on call for any additional 9-line calls. We ended up using the MEDEVAC bird for the final extraction flights bringing the surviving troops back to base.

The Good: Clean insert at initial LZ, despite both pilots having a very low frame rate (under 10 fps, I'm normally 45-60).

The Bad: I could not get the PRC117F long range radio to play nice. I totally forgot the relatively easy step of hitting Pre +/- to change channels, and spent way too long trying to figure it out before giving in and asking on Side channel. This was a mission critical issue, which was not received well by command. I had already asked my aircrew and anyone available on how to fix it. I asked on Side channel as a last resort was told to...figure it out. Failure is on me for not knowing how to set it, but I think there needs to be a contingency for this. We didn't know if it was a range/power issue initially, and spent a long time troubleshooting it. Part of this is possibly due to the server crash after the initial mission start. We had been doing comms checks when the server crashed, and I did not check them when we started again the second time.

The Ugly: I should've aborted the landing at the final CASEVAC LZ. We were told that the aircraft were mission critical and not to be risked. I rolled the dice and ended up with a bent bird with a shot up engine.

02-20-2012, 06:12 AM
@Winters - I like the contrast at your vid at 2:27 you have eyes on me. In my vid at 20:24 I'm telling my squad that there is no overwatch on our position lol.

02-20-2012, 08:52 AM
The Bad: I could not get the PRC117F long range radio to play nice. I totally forgot the relatively easy step of hitting Pre +/- to change channels, and spent way too long trying to figure it out before giving in and asking on Side channel. This was a mission critical issue, which was not received well by command. I had already asked my aircrew and anyone available on how to fix it. I asked on Side channel as a last resort was told to...figure it out. Failure is on me for not knowing how to set it, but I think there needs to be a contingency for this. We didn't know if it was a range/power issue initially, and spent a long time troubleshooting it. Part of this is possibly due to the server crash after the initial mission start. We had been doing comms checks when the server crashed, and I did not check them when we started again the second time.

You're not the only one who had radio issues for the first thirty minutes. It may have been server related.

02-20-2012, 11:00 AM
I think in general hearing all these different sides to essentially the same story is fascinating. The details of the whole thing really start to come together :)

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02-20-2012, 01:45 PM
When I saw there was no pilot, I became worried the aircraft was damaged or Dimitrius had been killed. I was very happy to see him alive and well, helping carry the remaining wounded out to the helo after stopping to do CPR. The helo spooled up and Dimitrius raced us back to base. Unfortunately en route our patients expired.

So this is to woof or anyone who wants to answer.

What is the proper procedure for calling out "We're all in the chopper, take off!"

There were to times where I almost took off because of conflicting responses to my "Are we all in?"

Pilots can't look backwards very well, especially in the KnightHawks.

I realize "We're all in the chopper take off" is a good enough answer, but I wondered if there was a "Squad" level mindset/quick-check for "We're all in, take off, already!"

02-20-2012, 01:59 PM
Simplest method is for the team/squad leader to use his shacktac HUD and call for example "Apache 1'2, all in". If there is more than one unit wait for both leaders to call all in and then either of them should tell the pilot to take off. I myself like to be the last one to board of either my team or squad as to safeguard against Stonethrower M/54 still sitting a bush and cooking in his safety direction and because it is highly unlikely for the unit to call all in if their leader isn't in.

02-20-2012, 03:50 PM
We had the same problem at the first CASEVAC call. The nine-line stated 4+1 (WIA, KIA), but we had no confirmation on how many were on board, and as pilot I ended up sitting too long on the ground trying to find out if all the patients were on board and we were good to go. Having a soldier do hand signals would be a good fall back, with them positioned in front to the right of the aircraft. As pilot, I wasn't comfortable switching to the ground frequency comms because then I wouldn't be in touch with my aircrew or the other helo in the air that was orbiting in case we went down or had a malfunction.

When hauling troops, I just ask to be notified when last man is on board and we're clear. When I get a confirmation, we're off. When dealing with patients who can't speak, it gets a lot more complicated. On that first call I had Pepper contact the ground team to confirm the number of patients, and you can see in one of the videos posted above there was some confusion, with the helo just sitting there.

Some practice/training for CASEVAC runs would definitely be a good. Including a rotary ops evacuation (with 9-lines) into an advanced medic class would be ideal. I've requested a basic and advanced medic class for ArmA in the TGU forums because I suck as a medic and would like to get better.