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How to Steal a Dragons Treasure

This essay is to enlighten the would be dragon slayer on how to take control of the dragon’s layer and make it your own.

How does one know there is a dragon on the diagram?

Once you join the sever press the tab button and look over at your enemy list. If you see multiple Dragons 12th Division players on the list, there is your dragon. Being a noble warrior, you will go with the team the sever had you join and become the enemy of the Dragon. Note, the biggest a Dragon can become is a six headed beast. However there could be multiple dragons on the maps, so look long and hard at your enemy list.

How do you know if you have trespassed the dragon’s layer?

Chances are, you will not know it until it is too late.

The following are telltale signs

1. Approaching the flag with ease and without resistance is a weak sign, but an indicator.
2. Approaching the flag and seeing loads of C4 all over it is a fair indicator.
3. After camping the flag and you blow up via C4 and the person who killed u has the prefix 12th on their name is a strong indicator.
4. Surviving the blast and heavily wounded, you die of an M4 bullet, or frag from again the same prefix is also a strong indicator.

You now have found a Dragon’s layer.
There is a saver way to know the location. From time to time view your scroller in the top left corner of you screen. If you see a teammate get C4 or M4, by again someone with 12th prefix, try to find their location on the H.U.D. After finding their roasting and burning corpse you have found the layer. There, you found a layer without having to floss C4 out of your teeth and losing a ticket to your team, well done.

Either way you now have two options, engage the layer or avoid it like the pestilent morbid dungeon that it is.

After relaying this intel to your Lord, being the noble warrior that you are you accept the challenge and unsheathe your sword.

Knowing that there is safety in numbers you enlist five more warriors. Of course you sit down an explain to them the battle up ahead.

How many heads does the dragon have at the layer?

It would be contemptible to use a U.A.V. or have your Lord scan or go into zoom mode, so we will not do that.
The head count is a mystery to you, big surprise right, dragons are mysterious.

Ancient lore tells of a three headed Dragon that lurks at its layer to doom the hapless fighter that trespasses. Stronger Dragons do not have layers, but are mobile. That is a different task and would make for different tale. However, dragons are mysterious beasts, so keep that in mind always.

What is the plan of action?

1. Request support and get additional help.
2. If your squadron is a proven valiant lot, they may have the skill to sly the Dragon.
3. You will need to scope the area and look for a logical place for the Dragon to lounge while it waits for you to get closer. Look for high altitude places. Dragons have wings remember.
4. Your best chance will be to paradoxically hunt the Dragon itself. Do not let your lust for capturing its treasure influence you. You have an ability score of 15/18 Wisdom right?
5. Most important of all, you must simultaneously make the treasure impartial and destroy and purge the layer of its host at the same time.

Your squadron has found the position of the beast. What know?

If the Dragon does not know this, good for you. Be sure to get a head count and relay this up the chain of command.
If the Dragon knows this, woo unto you. The Dragon will become angered by your method and will lash out at you with extreme prejudice.

Before we go any further, how exactly can the Dragon damage or harm you?

It is unknown exactly, again with the mystery thing here. However, ancient lore describes the Dragon is partial to C4.
Much like the scales on its back, the beast will put layers of C4 on its treasure. At the most, a three headed dragon will have 15 sticks of C4 (five sticks per head). However, the Dragon may keep more at its disposal by not having as many on the riches. Do not forget that in the Dragon’s Layer it may have stores of C4 to attack you. Again, realize the height advantage a Dragon may have at its layer, C4 could drop right on your helmet. Do not get in a vehicle within the orb like glow of the treasure for it is surly contaminated with C4, or really any vehicle in the layer, your greed will be your doom.
The M4 rifle is an elegant weapon the beast has at its disposal. Keep this in mind as you plan your attack. You may need to get an armored vehicle to shield you as the Dragon belches its long range weapon at you from its comfortable perch. Furthermore, the Dragon will need to have a clear line of fire to accomplish this.
The frag grenade is equally deadly. However this is a moderate long term range weapon and could possible give the Dragons position away. The three headed Dragon may have 12 grenades to destroy you (four frags per head).
Lastly the Dragon has its close range weapon, its fangs. You know your irritating the Dragon when it needs to move from its perch to look after its treasure. One strike from this weapon will put you down.

You now have an idea about how the Dragon will defend its treasure and its offensive abilities. Now the faults of the Dragon.

Despite the stench of death and impending doom that suffocates you as you choke and purge on your comrades burnt flesh, the Dragon is indeed mortal and has its weaknesses.

1. The dependence on C4 has made it lose its toughened outer scales over the eons.
2. The Dragon is well hidden. Exploit this and turn its sprawl into your squadron and teammate’s kill zone. Be weary, one could not tell if the heads are close together or spread apart.
3. If the treasure is unbiased toward you or the Dragon, the beast will lack the ability to resurrect its self once slain.
4. The Dragon can be overwhelmed by sheer numbers, but this taxing to your Lord for they will lose tickets over the exchange and possibly other districts.

What should not be done?

1. Not having a feel for the layout of the layer.
2. Running to the ambient harm feeling of the treasure’s orb like presence and taking a knee
3. Laying back and having half your warriors hit the flag in hopes of having the C4’s power unleashed, then sending in your medics to revive after the first wave went off is a puny method indeed. This is merely entertainment to the brute and you will only reinforce their efficient death strokes and give the Dragon experience points.

Listen closely Dragon Slayer, the time has nearly come to have your name recorded in books and told during fire side tales of glory. Behold the method:

1. The Dragon does have the potential to use multiple types of weapons, but it will surrender the C4 option every time if directly engaged by an enemy. As mentioned above you must put the Dragon on the defensive by hunting it and staying away from the treasure until the time is right.
2. If your Liege has experience with the Dragons and if competent, they will give you support. If available, have your Liege bring in a Gunship to bathe the roofs of the layer in order to weaken the dragon. Be sure to keep an eye on the scroller to the top left of your screen to see if the given prefix name shows up as being slain. If available, have your Liege rain down fire and brimstone from above to again disrupt the Dragon. If available, have armor shield you from the M4 rounds from a far. Furthermore use the armor rounds to again disrupt the Dragon’s layer. Basically, if your Liege has any kind of big stick to hit the Dragon with they should use it.
There is a more elegant and nobler way to challenge the Dragon. On foot.
There is an ancient group of warriors that specialize in gathering and relaying Intel, destroying enemy assets, engaging the enemy from a far, and providing covering fire to name a few. In modern times they go by the name 4th Force Recon. A two to three man team is recommended.
They will help in giving you the location, and most importantly keep the Dragon engaged with covering and suppressive fire.

If the Dragon is above you and the flag, they must be killed before trying to move to the flag. If not you will be added to the countless list of fatalities. If possible, the 4th Recon team can do some damage here. If not, you will need more support or leave the layer. Doing so will negatively reinforce this tactic by the Dragon, thus making flags less defended in this method in future maps. Deny the Dragon easy kills and it will change its methods.

Be sure to go over what ever plan you have with your mates before having your squad and support team go into battle. Depending upon your way of leading, you will need to be a ware of your ability to have your mates spawn on you. This is very important. Pressure must be put on the Dragon as much as possible. The best way to get the feat done is to slay a head or as many as possible before getting the flag neutral. This does not exactly mean you are gold cause the kits can still be picked up and C4 remote controls ignited one at time by just one Dragon head.
While your best four warriors engage the beast with the 4th Recon Force in the thick of things, haveing your last member on the flag is recommended. In Tac Mod you will be in good shape. However, in Vanilla it takes a little while to make it neutral.
It is important to keep tabs on the exact head that was cut from the Dragon. as squad leader and dormant you must make sure to relay this to the squad. This is vital cause the Dragon heads have so long to respond. Once you feel the Dragon has been significantly weakened, test your luck by having the majority of the squad on the flag. Keep the Medic back. The dragon may have one more C4 layer in its dieing moments. The Medic will be important here. You must stay back because the Dragon has it own master, and its master can throw fire and brim stone down on the treasure itself possibly destroying your entire team.
There are many variables when battaling a Dragon, and as the SL you will need to negotiate this.

If successful the treasure will be all yours.

However, if your squad and support team does not kill the keystone Dragon head, you will have a fierce battle on your hands, for the Dragon is unquestionably vain and covets its treasure.
The death of the keystone head will stop the source of its hellish progeny and secure your name in lore for centuries to come.

Now let’s go out there and slay some Dragons!!

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We ride horses.

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We have multiple lairs. Resistance is futile.

*takes notes*

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c4? I thought it was our fire breath weapon we were using........:D

LOL Rick

Lucky Shot
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Yea, about that nasty breath thing... I have heard of bad breath before but you could knock a buzzard off a manure wagon! ;)

Lucky Shot

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Wow, looks like i dropped the ball on that one. Dragoon, as in bully or intimidate. Hey, upon closer inspection it is a horse. And there are no wings at all. lol!!! Well, just pretend i wrote Dragoon instead of Dragon... and uh... Maybe it would be easier if the 12th changed to Dragons instead. lol. Thats sick funny. Well i tried.

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Nah, it was a nice write up, and its all pretty true.

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Neat write up! Just one small thing - I think you mean dragon's "lair" and not dragon's "layer"?

05-20-2006, 11:59 AM
I was assuming that was a deliberate play on words around "layered defence".

Nice post Rick. :)

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Neat write up! Just one small thing - I think you mean dragon's "lair" and not dragon's "layer"?

yeah, i knew that did not sound right when i wrote it. Thanks Champ.

05-20-2006, 05:44 PM
I was assuming that was a deliberate play on words around "layered defence".

Nice post Rick. :)

You should have just smiled and nodded, Rick!

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All that effort to give you a get out clause squandered... :D

05-24-2006, 12:29 PM
Wow, looks like i dropped the ball on that one. Dragoon, as in bully or intimidate. Hey, upon closer inspection it is a horse.
Actually, it's more like Da-goons, as in a stupid or oafish person. :row__572:

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Actually, it's more like Da-goons, as in a stupid or oafish person. :row__572:

Well, we can't all be as refined as the 33rd. Especially with the kind of talent you're recruiting these days...



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