FTL : Zypher
MG : Sammy

Me and Sammy went on a small armed patrol, simply to scout out the beautiful lands of Tasmania. The first town, Boat Harbor, buildings were cleared top to bottom left to right. The only engagement we had was of a armed civilian which we quickly disposed of. We moved onto the next town Devonport, which seemed perfectly normal at first. So as we advance at ~20KM an hour, I notice a small number of enemies. I quickly engage and take one down. We rush to the center of town, which was clear at the time and immediately get pinned my MG fire. So by action of counter-suppression. Unfortunately, Sammy got injured and got knocked unconscious. I took out the current enemy presence and then fixed up Sammy. We patrolled around the town for ~10 minutes then evaluated that it was clear. There was no civilians to report.

For now, that was all.