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    Re: EA exploring Battlefield subscription service

    Quote Originally Posted by Ven View Post
    My sons friend has MW3....they have already had like 3 or 4 expansion packs.....if we could get that type of frequency I would be in.
    Those are not expansion packs. Map packs are more like it. I'm not paying $15 for a few redone/re-used maps. I'll gladly make my own maps if the tool set was there (mods = less potential revenue?). It's not quality content, just the opposite. (Edit: Ugh....single maps are being used as DLCs? Gawd...glad I stopped buying into the franchise.)

    Someone mentioned that the subscription service might not be as different from the TG SM. Personally I think it is (quality and price). Your typical subscription in games nowadays is $15 per month (or $180) a year). I would not be okay in paying any subscription if the updates are mostly bug fixing and minor content (like skins, maps, etc). Unless there is some major quality content in those updates, forget it. A few have already covered the poor launch. The launch product is quite poor if we look historically at previous BF titles on the PC side (bugs, missing features, etc).

    With the TG SM, I get quality, quality servers, a quality (and nice) admin and "support staff" (best term I can think of), a quality, well moderated community forum, and lastly a awesome community (though it's "free" and available to everyone). I know where that money goes and so forth (transparency). With a game subscription service, I honestly do not know how that money is split. Specifically, how much does the developer(s) get?
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    Re: EA exploring Battlefield subscription service

    This obviously won't appeal to everyone, based on what you want out of the game. I wouldn't call new maps 'minor content', it's the new maps that I would gladly pay for.

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