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  1. Acreo Aeneas's Avatar
    Nice. Those look pretty dust free. I wonder if Apo had to dust it all off before snapping the photos.
  2. Ven's Avatar
    That's awesome...
  3. Jack Bauer's Avatar
    How come I get the picture when he turns it on of Chevy chase in Xmas vacation
  4. LowSpeedHighDrag's Avatar
    LOL @ Wicks

    Great pictures and the little history into Tactical Gamer.
  5. BeSiege82's Avatar
    wow... I had one of those nostalgic moments when I got the old windows 95 running right before it died, but this has all your old memories and dreams...

    Tell us how it turns out.
  6. E-Male's Avatar
    Very interesting!
  7. Wicks's Avatar
    That thing run on wood or oil?
  8. Jeepo's Avatar
    Interesting to see what is on that!
  9. SARGE's Avatar
    Well, if you do power it up this weekend and I lose power down here in Jersey I will know why. And, yes great pics.
  10. Jack Bauer's Avatar
    Pretty epic pics there!!
  11. SuperDudeBT's Avatar
    Nicely said. I'm waiting for one of the new Google TV devices with built in Blu-ray to come out and then I plan to buy one. I think there's at least two from the new batch that have Blu-ray, including one by Sony, which is the main one I'm looking at. Right now, I have my DVR, Blu-ray player, and laptop (some times) hooked up to my TV. And I have to juggle remotes to switch inputs. So having all of that in one box (with the DVR/ cable box routed into it) that will just stay on the same input on the TV will be nice.

    I didn't know that the network websites blocked the Google TV user agent string. But I mostly use the laptop for Netflix, any way. Is it not possible to use a separate browser (like Dolphin) and change the useragent and be able to watch it?
  12. Athanasa's Avatar
    I do not support SOPA / PIPA, because... well, America's free to police the internet on websites hosted in the US (.com), but as far as I'm concerned they should stay out of websites not hosted in the US (.co.uk for example). Otherwise it's... well, an invasion of the internet. It's just throwing the country's political weight around.

    I support some of the ideas behind it - stopping piracy, allowing honest purchases of digital material - but not the execution.
  13. Skud's Avatar
    Good choice.

    I wouldn't say you were "supporting" the legislation - as you were just being an honest consumer. I have not met a single person who supports SOPA/PIPA. Not a single one. How any of this kind of legislation got so far is beyond me. I think it's just Congressmen and Senators that are really out of touch with their constituents. Which is sad, because it took a massive uproar for them to realize "wait, maybe this legislation isn't a good idea"

    I wrote my congressman and he actually took the time to give me a detailed reply and why he did not support SOPA.

    I think, ultimately, the lesson to be gained here is that WE THE PEOPLE still have MASSIVE INFLUENCE. We should use it MUCH more often than we do. It took some evil crap for people to finally pay attention to the legislative branch. The general population focuses entirely too much on the executive branch - it's one piece, but only one.

    Hopefully these recent events get people more involved. I don't care how, just more involved in general. You don't have to be super informed to talk with your congressmen! They are here to serve us, in the end. And if they're not? Vote. Them. Out.
  14. WhiskeySix's Avatar
    My trusty mx518 finally started flaking out. Got the G400 which is just the new version of the 518, and couldn't be happier... thing is awesome and the configuration sw is reallyy nicely done too.
  15. Grunt 70's Avatar
    I have a logitech mx518...talk about a relic. It's a wired mouse and I bought it to play ARMA because of the extra thumb buttons. Also have a logitech joystick. Both have never let me down...maybe I'm just lucky....I have been looking to GO wireless lately however...
  16. Jeepo's Avatar
    I have had a MS Sidewinder X8 wireless mouse and loved it. Worked great, nice button, good fit but bigger than logitech, and a great battery life. After about 18 months of use a button stopped functioning right, so I got a Logitech G700. Epic, like 14 buttons, which I use in ArmA, and I love the thing, but battery life is crap in comparison to the Microsoft. I get a day of high DPI gaming max. Good mouse otherwise however. I considered the R.AT but it did not have a tilting scroll wheel so that was a deal breaker for me.
  17. Apophis's Avatar
    I actually have a fiber port & polish kit at home that I broke out at one point to do exactly that. Cleaned off the laser and receiver with optic cleaning fluid and lint-free SC port cleaners.

    This problem has existed since the day I took it out of the box and no amount of cleaning has ever been able to resolve it.

    Maybe Logitech just doesn't like me.
  18. Acreo Aeneas's Avatar
    Other than the LMB double-clicking on my old G7 (and the replacement), I really haven't had any problems with my Logitech products. I own a keyboard and over the years more than a dozen Logitech mice from the old Optical Mouse all the way to my current G700 (which only has one quirk - which might be Windows's fault).

    I know this seems obvious, but have you tried swabbing the lens with a Q-tip Apophis? Maybe some dirt/grime is causing the problem.
  19. E-Male's Avatar
    I saw an old book on a friend's bookshelf with a title something like 'Why Everything Does Not Work' -- it was a 30 year old critique of manufacturing and design in consumer culture . . .

    I have tried a variety of Logitech and MS products over the past two decades, and am not sure which I detest the most.

    Google is off to a great start in product design, but they may yet succumb to the evil they avow to avoid. But if Google+ is 0.0000000000001 percent better than Facebook, I'll pull the plug on my Facebook account.

    Logitech has trouble designing a better mouse. Will Google design a better social network?

    I hope they do, but I doubt they will.
  20. Apophis's Avatar
    It's got me wondering if the new axis-challenged version of the MX 1000 I seem to have inherited would be the PS/2 fixed version of the MX 1000 I've used for so many years if I removed the Logitech software. I'm going to try that combination next. Crazy adapter foo and no driver combination 17C-A.
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