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  1. thedogwarrior's Avatar
    I'll look for that Zhohar, definitely.
  2. Zhohar's Avatar
    Echoing your sentiments on BC2's lack of depth: I think everyone was hoping it'd be a BF2.5 or a BF3. Eye candy is cute, but most diehard BF fans want depth above all else, including pretty graphics, badass sounds, neat-o engine, cross-platform availability etc.

    I'll talk about your shotgun bit in a blog post of mine tonight, I hope you get a chance to read it. (I hope I get a chance to make it, considering how fussy PHP is with serving files. Sheesh.)
  3. thedogwarrior's Avatar
    Thanks for all the comments everyone.
  4. Flarfignuggen's Avatar
    Developing primarily for one (or a general console platform) then porting it might make sense from a business, or software development standpoint
    I'd blame the ignorance-based fanboy claims made about how you "have to update" your PC every 3 months for thousands of dollars and assertions that consoles "just work," slowly making publishers push their developers towards console development (games like Crysis open advertising themselves as a benchmark for having "unattainable" system requirements don't help the overall image, either). Then again, I see companies like Dell charging $3000 for "gaming machines" that are no better than the computer I built with state-of-the-art components 4 years ago for the same price, which I could build an equivalent today for $6-700, give or take, also depending on monitor necessity (and as a note, this is the computer I upgraded not too long ago for about another $600, 4 years later, that is now a top-tier machine once again). Ah, well, what can you do?

    I would love to see a BF3 that carried on some of the best parts of those older games and mods, to the Frostbite engine, but I doubt that I'll see it.
    Don't lose hope. I as well would love a return to the tremendous and open map design heralded by the traditional BF game lineage to make a comeback with BF3.
    Updated 06-15-2010 at 03:30 AM by Flarfignuggen
  5. xBadger's Avatar
    Thanks Dog. Nice review.

    So many times I want to use a straight up M16 or SMG. Frankly, I am better at twitching with the Saiga and moving fast...its more conducive to my style of play non-hardcore. My hats go out to folks like Buriu, Twenty3, Blacksheep, and many of the regulars who are very skilled in non-shotty weapons.
  6. Abel's Avatar
    haha.. "Embracing My Inner 70th" :P

    Really nice write up dog!
  7. Evo<^|SiNz|^>'s Avatar
    It's clear that this game was designed with "Rush" mode as the primary game type, to the detriment of Conquest which seems to have been an afterthought. I usually try to play Rush for that reason, because the maps are almost always larger and more diverse.
  8. draeh's Avatar
    Very well put, Dog.
  9. Catman1975's Avatar
    Nice write up Dog, I'd add something, but it'd be nonsensical and well catman-ish...lol

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