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  1. Yet another Steam Sale

    Your wallet is never safe. That's right - another Steam Sale. Summer Sale. Fall Sale. Autumn Sale. Christmas Sale.

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  2. Steam Trading is now Official

    I was a participant in the Beta that ran last month. Well, it's now official. Steam Trading now lets you trade in game items with other people (Like TF2 hats) right from steam. It also lets people trade copies of games they've purchased as gifts. People can also trade in game items for games, crazy as it sounds.

    You can read more about it over at Rock Paper Shotgun.

    I have some crazy fears about in-game economies though. Does anyone remember Diablo 2's ingame economy ...
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  3. "Why no Steam, Notch?"

    This was posted today on Notch's tumblr

    Quote Originally Posted by Notch
    At PAX, I got asked why weíre not on Steam with Minecraft, and I had to answer the question straight out for the first time. So Iíll repeat what I said on here, because openess is awesome.

    Steam is the best digital distribution platform Iíve ever seen. Iíve spent incredible amounts of money on it, and I own a crazy amount of games on it. It runs great, offers great services like that shift+tab stuff, and it remembers my credit

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