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  1. 30 Minute Record of 1stMIP

    This is the longest video I have ever posted to YouTube, and may be the longest video made by a TGer!

    Warning -- it is long.

  2. Back... 1st: India, gaming and outsourcing: an uncomfortable truth.

    Hi all.

    I had written one blog post in India, but then it was on an apple computer and apparently safari does not remember posts if sending fails...Stupid apple, I hope Steve Jobs reincarnated as one!

    My plan to write certainly did fail hard, as 4 of my 6 weeks in India were spent without electricity or running water on a beach with a bunch of hippies. Therefore I plan to make a series of smaller posts describing various things of interest. Today is the first post. ...
  3. Why Use Tactics

    A comment from a Battlelog forum regarding one of my videos:

    Why use tactics? It's a video game! Have fun with some friends! It's fun to be good at a game but special tactics for it? I think that's a little too far. We're not Special Forces soldiers. We're all just people playing a video game that was created for people to have fun and not acting like professionals.
    Why indeed.
  4. 10,000 Words

    At 12:32 PM (EST) today my new book (in progress) just reached 10,000 words. I find the first 10,000 to be much harder than the last 10,000. By the time I reach half-way, a book tends to come poring off my fingers as I type. But the first ten thousand is a painful journey as I grope for the main threads of the subject and slowly discover what exactly is the subject I am writing about. A book slowly reveals itself to the author. Each new paragraph and each new page sheds light on the next.
  5. AARs etc

    Just a place for Pepper to collect together various AARs from her attempts at squad leading etc. Chances are the lists of squad members willl be wrong, as I can't remember them half the time.

    Date: 29th February, 2012
    Mission: Chernarus Domination, Spec Ops sidemission, south-east of Vybor
    • Dimitrius
    • Luke (Marksman)
    • Ghostdog
    • Mark (Medic)
    • Pvt Recrut
    • ... and two/three other guys whose names I forgot. I'm sorry!

    IIRC, the in-game ...

    Updated 03-01-2012 at 07:25 PM by Athanasa

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