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  1. 54,000 Words

    Passed the half way mark this weekend. Hope to get the first draft of the book completed before vacation in August.

    Looking now at television oligopoly, market power, the "foreign policy" of the entertainment industry and how all that might be disintermediated by online viewing habits.

    Fascinating article in the New York Times today -- went straight into chapter five.

    If all goes well with the peer review process the book should be in the stores ...
  2. Six updater setup check list


    I have been meaning to do this for awhile now and thought it would be beneficial for all to have a Check list to follow when helping a friend or someone new to our server set up SIXUPDATER.

    I am going to only list the steps to follow to help guide you. Sorry no pictures as you can find them already posted in Dredge's thread "Everything you need" thread.


    Updated 08-06-2012 at 03:51 PM by SARGE

  3. Shadowrun Kickstarter

    Have you ever heard of Shadowrun?
    Click through for the wikipedia article, but in brief, Shadowrun is a near-future universe where magic, cybernetics, and general chaos coexist. Think elves with ocular implants. Street samurai with implants that let them spit cobra venom at enemies. Oh, and dragons. Of course there'd be dragons.

    The setting has been around for a while, but now it's back, and in a massive way. Jordan Weisman, the man who created Shadowrun, has gotten the IP ...
  4. Monday Nosehair Mayhem - AAR 4/23/12

    by , 04-25-2012 at 02:35 PM (Spears and Flames and Text Walls, Oh My!)
    Date: 23 April 2012, 10pm-ish EDT
    Server: TG Monday Night Rush
    Map: Noshahr (Nosehair) Canals Rush - 32 player
    Battlelog Round Summary

    Joined Bravo squad on US side at the start of the round. Squad was led by HeymanWDFG, with Fallen, myself, and another pub who's name I can't remember. I don't recall the last guy communicating at all though. Levytheman95 joined in late in the round. Right off the bat I knew we had a solid setup. Heyman, Fallen, and I were communicating ...

    Updated 04-25-2012 at 06:01 PM by TheLancerMancer

  5. AAR: BF3 Infantry Server 4/19/12

    by , 04-19-2012 at 11:28 PM (Spears and Flames and Text Walls, Oh My!)
    While I was unable to play, my mind had time to think and wander (as it sometimes does) and I thought briefly of doing some AAR blogs for BF3 or any other titles I pick up. I was mostly inspired to do this after seeing an Arma AAR blog from Athanasa, and from a series a member of the 189th did set in BF2:PR back in 2010-2011 when I first began playing at TG. Now the opportunity is presented to me, so I figure I'll try writing a few of these and see how they go.

    Date: 19 April 2012 ...
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