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  1. My PR Log From a Month Ago

    I found some entries in my PR log on my computer that I kept before my TG blog and reading them brought a smile to my face. Here are some of the entries from a month ago:


    Basic Squad Leader course was good today. Lots of people showed up-- Keating, YRkidding, Desant, to name a few. Learned a lot; some things to remember:

    -when you are fired upon, immediately get cover and return fire. then SL can assess the situation and decide what to do next--flank, ...
  2. Jabal Al Burj - Scouting Expedition - North Bridge and NW Hills of Jabal Town

    Before my little scouting expedition, this is what I know about Jabal Al Burj. There's a complex Dam with many levels and catwalks that I am unfamiliar with. I've had to defend North Bridge recently but unfamiliar with hills to its north. Don't know the layout of Jabal the town too well nor the area to its east. Never been to the far western side of the map. Deployed at East Beach a ...
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  3. Automatic Riflemen and Clearing Rooms

    The server is unusually empty tonight. There are only 5 players and we just finished a small skirmish on Korengal Valley. Did the server crash? Where is everyone? ECHO, ECHo, Echo, ech...o... So with the downtime I have before me, I thought I would do some writing as I miss it. Two things I wanted to write about; the first is using the AR on the recent password night on Yamalia and the second is the things I'm doing now to clear rooms of enemies.

    Journey of a PR Rookie 17 ...

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