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  1. Medic SOP: Retreat, Assess, Inform, Reengage

    This is one in a series of training videos I am working on. This Standard Operating procedure, if followed, ensures that a squad is rarely wiped out and thus can maintain continuous fighting capability in any environment or map type (rush or conquest).

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are used in all manner of professional organizations, such as medical units, firefighters, and of course the military. They are the foundation to efficient and effective squads.

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  2. CONTACT Reports

    I am reposting WiskeySix's note on the use of Contact Reports -- good stuff, and underused in the BC2 servers at present.

    What is a Contact Report?
    A contact report is a standardized procedure for reporting [over radio] encounters with enemy forces. The standard is based on NATO SOP, and is optimized to minimize extraneous radio traffic - so everyone listening on the radio net quickly understands the nature and scope of the enemy threat.

    Why have a Contact ...
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