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  1. Game review

  2. Sitting in the couch crying

    World champions 2012!

    31 years of silver and bronze medals.

    I'm sobbing like a baby and the commentators are doing the same... !!!!!!!!!
  3. Meanwhile in sweden

  4. Lfal

    I don't know how many here at visit Failblog.com especially this section of the page. http://learnfrommyfail.failblog.org/

    If you haven't seen the page(s) yet take a few minutes and make yourself happy

    LFMF have some really fun reading in it and I managed to do a thing today that should go on that wall..

    So here comes "Learn From Abel's Failure":

    When walking in the store you work at don't stare at the cute girl bending over ...
  5. <<Nuff said>>

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