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Google Cr-48 Laptop - Day 1

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I got my Cr-48 in today to start playing with and testing. I'm pretty excited.

Out of the box the setup was seamless and quick. Not much to do really! It's certainly a unique take on a laptop though. Setting it up on my wireless was a breeze and once I added in my credentials to sync Crome up with the rest of my browsers I was good to go.

I know there are a lot of detractors of this technology, but having a RAPID booting (1.12seconds) laptop that keeps all your data in the cloud is SERIOUSLY convenient. Most of my laptop use is confined to Internet based content and this thing fits the bill perfectly.

I'm going to start doing some work tonight on some spreadsheets that I traditionally keep in Google Docs, so I'll have more to report later. But on first impression, I love it.

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  1. Acreo Aeneas's Avatar
    A friend of mine also got a CR-48 near the beginning of the year. He initially held the same reaction you had to yours, but after about 3 months, he found that he was moving a lot of his desktop work onto his CR-48. He doesn't always have a available internet connection so cloud storage quickly became a hinderence. Last I heard, he had reformatted it with Ubuntu 11.04 and installed OpenOffice as well as a few editors for coding and stores most of his stuff on a flash drive.

    I realize it's been quite a few months since you've had yours. Have you basically kept with the Google OS and cloud storage or have you gone back to a more traditional OS and local storage?

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