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  1. Mvix MX880-HD has arrived!

    It look a few days longer than hoped because of all the snowstorms up here. That was mostly the fault of UPS.

    It came with all the bits and pieces and I really liked the packaging. It reminds me of how Apple products are packaged, very clean. It even came with a free t-shirt!

    Letting it warm up a bit now and then I'll get it fired up and run through the setup.
    Home Theater
  2. MX880-HD In-Stock or Pre-Order?

    After some conflicting info on various sites; I was curious if the MX880-HD was actually in stock or if my order was placed in a pre-order queue. I sent out an e-mail to Mvix sales asking for verification and they promptly sent me back a confirmation; the product IS shipping. Although not likely anytime within the next 16-24 hours!

    Hello Paul

    Thanks for your email and interest in our product

    Mvix Ultio Pro (MX-880HD) is currently in stock
    Home Theater
  3. Quest for the ultimate media server - MVix Ultio Pro MX880-HD

    So, I'm a big home theater/AV guy. Over the past few years I've been bouncing around trying to find the best streaming media server solution for my home network. I've done everything from FreeNAS using DLNA to stream through my PS3 or XBox 360, OpenFiler running iSCSI back to my desktop with TVersity, PlayOn or Microsoft's Media Server solution, and even a conventional HTPC connected directly to my TV.

    In all these cases I've found numerous drawbacks from choppy playback, inability ...
    Home Theater

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