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  1. SnowCAM 29 DEC 2012

    Felt like throwing up my SnowCAM today to live-stream the pending storm.


    Forecast is changing constantly, but it looks like we're expected to get about 10". The first real snow of the year!
  2. A little Tactical Gamer photo history.

    So, I was going through the server graveyard at my house that contains a lot of OLD hardware. Some of it will get junked, but some of it I just can't get rid of.

    That's the old web and database server that ran Network 42 Tactical Gaming, which was re-branded as Tactical Gamer. The philosophy has never changed, but the name and hardware sure has!
  3. I helped support SOPA / PIPA / ACTA and DMCA... And I'm ashamed.

    Last night I did a little bit of thinking about ACTA, SOPA, PIPA and the DMCA. I started to feel overly disgusted with the MPAA, RIAA and their affiliated labels and studios. I felt disgusted with the way that our politicians are bought and sold with lobbying dollars by the industry. Then I had a horrible realization; I helped fund these very things that I despise. I helped fund the studios and thereby the industry associations through my media purchasing history. For every dollar I spent buying ...
  4. The Ridiculousness That Is My Logitech MX 1000 Laser Mouse

    So, I have a Logitech MX 1000 cordless laser mouse. It's not the most modern, but I like it. It feels good in my hand, the battery lasts FOREVER and still recharges properly, all the buttons work, and has great range. I have no reason to buy a new mouse.

    When I first bought it, I was running Windows XP. If I plugged the wireless base/charger into a USB port, the mouse would behave erratically. It would take on a mind of its own and start jumping across the screen. It had a ...

    Updated 08-11-2011 at 07:17 PM by Apophis

  5. Datacenter Maintenance

    As the PR guys have noticed, things have not been so rosey in the DC datacenter recently. There have been a lot of upgrades happening and equipment being shifted around to improve network performance. There is a rather LARGE upgrade coming up that should change things considerably.

    Maintenance Summary:

    In a continuing effort to improve the SoftLayer network, SoftLayer Engineers will be performing maintenance
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