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TG Dog Tags

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Just another one of my blog spams, 'cause TG allows me to edit my blogs but not my forum posts. So I'll use this to monitor my progress on the TG Dog Tags.

To Do
Poke Apophis re trademark status of Tactical Gamer name
Laser cut a prototype
Text setup and contents

Prototype outline
Stencil for future tags

[X] My toolbox at my workbench. The thing with the red tube is the blowtorch, which I won't be using.
[X] Some of the kit I'll be using to make the tags. Metal files and emery paper not included.
[X] A saw blade, by the ruler for comparison. This is a comparatively large saw blade.
[X] The piece of copper that will become the prototype tag, marked out for cutting.
[X] The piece of copper, now cut out and in dog tag shape. Just needs the thread hole and some words. And hours of cleaning.

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  1. RpSPT's Avatar
    Looks like a project. I have someone who could make those in metal workshop. But dont know if I need more than one that I have... If you put your blood group in that it might have also some use in civilian life...
  2. CallousDisregard's Avatar
    I'll buy one set for sure if you are interested in selling or I can donate to PR or something if there are legal issues.

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