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  1. its been a while

    since i wrote a blog post.

    uni work has been a pain in the back side! but im getting some good hours on my uni radio station which is always good to add to my cv

    thanks to dredge I've been playing lock on:flaming cliffs 2 a bit recently its good!

    i also recently expanded my film collection curtsey of you lovely people at TG who helped me discover some really good films!


    im gonna go to bed cuz its 3.00am and i been ...
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  2. a little rant

    just to say, i think its complete BS how valve makes us European gamers wait a few extra days to be able to play a game.

    in this case BF:BC2 it's total BS
  3. i wasn't going to do it....

    but i bought Bf2BC just now. i was looking at steam. saying to myself. "No don't do it! you can't afford another game!" BUT once again i ignored my common sence and went ahead and bought it!

    anyway hope to see some of you guys online soon with the beta :]
  4. Mass Effect 2

    With anticipated breath, i pre downloaded Mass Effect 2 the night before the UK steam release. Viper1986 had been kind enough to tell me that this game was amazing. Upon which i told him to shove it politely were the sun don't shine. So at release time, i restarted steam and to my joy there was no delay with playing. I got straight down to decrypting and then playing. I set up the location of my ME1 save file so i could try out the character import feature. First impressions of this game are of ...

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