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Student Lefe

Anything bloggy to do with my daily life as a british student

  1. updated uni work

    so, i thought the ducks at the bottom were a bit boring, so i thought i would add some stuff to em, seeing as the caption says "you naughty vixen" ha ha

    moved the bottom text up, and moved the green duck to the right sightly.

    anyways im hoping that its nearly finished as i have just 3 days to submit it!
    Student Lefe
  2. its been a while

    since i wrote a blog post.

    uni work has been a pain in the back side! but im getting some good hours on my uni radio station which is always good to add to my cv

    thanks to dredge I've been playing lock on:flaming cliffs 2 a bit recently its good!

    i also recently expanded my film collection curtsey of you lovely people at TG who helped me discover some really good films!


    im gonna go to bed cuz its 3.00am and i been ...
    Student Lefe , TG , Games
  3. more uni work

    so i sat down and did some more stuff to my project with ducky,

    thanks to everyone who posted some feedback it was much appreciated

    anyway here is version 2 for some more critiques!

    (this time saved as a png!)
    Student Lefe
  4. my work at university

    Brief for this project is along these lines:

    find a product to create an advertising poster for
    Photograph the product taking into account lighting etc. Use all you have learnt about the cameras to create good pictures
    Use photoshop to create the poster

    so.. here is phase 1 of the project. my first draft.

    Student Lefe

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