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  1. BF2:Project Reality returns to TG

    As many of you have probably read, TacticalGamer has given the Green Light for BF2:Project Reality to return to the TacticalGamer server.

    The fun starts tomorrow:
    Opening Day
    When: Sunday, March 24th
    Time: 2pm Eastern/1800 GMT

    Our map list for Opening Day is as follows:

    Vadso City - 32
    Fools Road - 64
    Burning Sands - 16
    Qwai - 64

    Looking forward to hearing and catching up with old ...

    Updated 03-25-2013 at 09:34 PM by Delta*RandyShugart*

  2. Toy Drive

    For all my fellow TG'ers in the New York Metro Area and Connecticut this Sunday December 2nd
    The Town of Mamaroneck Fire Department is holding its Annual Skate with Santa at The Hommocks Park Ice Rink from Noon to 2:30 pm

    If you wish you may bring an unwrapped gift which will be given to children affected by Hurricane Sandy in Breezy Point NY.

    The TMFD is also accepting unwrapped gifts and toys at the Fire Headquarters lobby until December 14th.
    The address ...
  3. Assasins Creed III

    I'm tempted to buy Assassins Creed III, Ninja's taking on the British while helping the Yanks. if only there was a special Thanksgiving Day mod, where you could take on the defenseless pilgrims and pillage them while gorging on turkey, squash, clams, Indian Tobacco, other festive thanksgiving treats and food and burning the ships they came in on!!!
  4. letter & article from afghanistan

    Quote Originally Posted by Delta*RandyShugart* View Post
    The below is an email posted on a fishing forum, the email writer is from a friend of mine and my brother who is currently serving in Afghanistan with the USMC.

    On Sun, May 6, 2012 at 2:42 PM, Gabriel Sganga wrote:
    > All,
    > I had planned to write weekly emails which I expected would consist of
    > a narrative of the monotony of life aboard Camp Leatherneck, the
    > largest forward logistics staging base in Afghanistan.
  5. Mohr Stories podcast - This week Colin Quinn

    Podcast #2 of his is one of my favs along with ticket to Randy land which goes into the real dark side of addiction which is funny but so messed up.

    Check out this weeks podcast Colin Quinn is the guest, Mohr does he awesome Walken Impression, they talk about James Caan and one of my fav 80's movie - Alien Nation

    It's funny, it really is and: IT'S FREE!!

    Here's the link:

    Check out this podcast on iTunes, look for mohr's Quinn impression see if ...
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