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  1. Want vs. Reality - PR Rant

    Over the past few months, I have been on Project Reality less and less. Part of the reason is that I was finishing up my firefighter 1 training and thus I have been spending a lot of time at the firehouse especially at nights watching tv and hanging out, as well as doing drills etc.

    The other side is that more and more I have been getting punkbuster kicks. My computer is 10 years old, it has a decent video card, it has over 3.10 gigs of RAM, and it may not have 500 GBs but I have ...
  2. TGU Madness Event Promotion

    What can I say, I'm exciting to be one of the instructors hosting this event. I am hoping that the turnout will be larger than any previous TGU event. I invite all types of Project Reality players, both novices and veterans. Stop by to brush up on tactics and tips, to learn something new. There will not be cake unless you are eating it at your computer but there will be...............wait for it..............................keep waiting........................................... .......
  3. Union vs. Nazereth Round 1 of the NCAA Division III Men's Lacrosse Tourney

    My brother played Lax here, and I don't want to gloat but if it wasn't for his constant asking for scouting to be brought to a higher level they wouldn't have been able to get the former Skidmore Lax Coach and the program might not been upgraded as it is now.

    Vid quality is eh, but it is live as of right now!

  4. Microsoft-Skype Deal: Three Ways It Benefits Enterprises

    Interesting read. This is the first time in a long long time that Microsoft has been able to upend google, who has been trying to buy/collaborate with Skype. Now lies the question of how efficiently Skype will work with Microsoft's lync server, and how well the two will mesh together.


    Microsoft-Skype Deal: Three Ways It Benefits Enterprises ...
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  5. Only took a little more than a week. Impressive

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