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  1. Names of towns/cities that you know won't end well

    Bin Laden should have known that hiding in a place called Abbotabad was about as bad as an idea as you could possibly have.*
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  2. Funny Jackie Chan Video

  3. Lack of Flash within the Iphone has made me curious for other means......

    First off if you haven't read any of Paine's Blogs starting in February with "Week 1" I highly recommend that you do. I just read week 1 & 9 Its very well written, informative and above all interesting!

    It also shows that its not only the physical that is demanding but also the mental.

    So if you have a iphone or itouch (favorite of all priests, Sheiks not so much), you know that there is no flash player unless you jailbreak your phone.

  4. What I've been up to lately - Pics from Firefighter1&Survival that many have asked 4

    Hopefully these links work, I can't do the image thingy facebook wont allow it, and unless photo's are on photobucket I can't upload them to TG.

    Anyways, these are photo's of me from FireFighter 1 and Firefighter Survival that my instructor sent.

    It is ALOT more physical work than I ever thought, this past Thursday when I thought I was going to get in 4 hours of PR @ PRTA and TG, I helped fight a brush fire in the woods behind some peoples houses.....It was interesting ...
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  5. What's the Reason You Play Project Reality?

    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdSin View Post
    Teamwork. I use realism as a small reason, because if i had a choice between PR+teamwork and vanilla+teamwork, well, PR it would be!

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