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  1. Correct website for monday morning blog

    For my fellow TG'ers in the Westchester, Rockland and metro NY areas, I highly recommend J&F Auto Body, this is the correct website addy regarding my monday morning blog post.

  2. Source Code - Thumbs Up

    Went to see Source Code on Friday. The first trailer I saw was interesting, the second one, kind of lost my attention but at the same time it kind of reminded me of Inner Space......

    Anyways I was pleasantly surprised, like "Taken" it was a quick, straight to the point movie with no extra added mumbo jumbo. The movie is 1 hr 34 minutes, and makes me think of the movies in the mid - late 80's that were of this length but also had a strong cast and were popped into movies ...

    Updated 04-04-2011 at 11:27 AM by Delta*RandyShugart* (Fixed Title)

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  3. Monday Morning

    Good ol Monday morning, as I waited for the train I noticed that I had missed a spot while shaving. At least it's not that noticeable.

    My right front passenger window that wouldn't close all the way since the last major snow storm (ice was due in part to the window faltering and not moving with the railing) came off it's hinges completely Friday afternoon. So for a few days I was left with a window that partially came down while driving and I had no control.

    I'm ...
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  4. Dark Humor or am I a messed up individual

    Last night I took a break from playing pvp PR. I hopped on a COOP server with one side being all human players and the other side being only bots. The map was Lashkar valley and it was the German forces vs. The Taliban.

    As I used various kits and had my squad on a mountain hill I switched kits with a player, he was the AR and I was the sniper originally. I took the AR, maxed out the ammo and deployed the gun on a rock ledge and waited for the Hordes of Talibano's to appear. ...
  5. The Dark Side of The Force is making Luke look like the emperor in RoTJ


    What on earth happened to Luke Skywalker? The Force is no longer with Mark Hamill

    Star Wars star Mark Hamill was once considered one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood.
    But The Force seems to no longer be with the actor who played Luke Skywalker as the ageing star showed at an event last night.
    The 59-year-old ...
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