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  1. Doom and Game Design

    From the Game Maker's Toolkit a great look at what made Doom great.

    Gaming Industry
  2. Headset Stand I Made

    Project I did a couple years ago, looks like I hadn't shared it with the general TG community, so here you go. I decided to make a headset stand for my
    set of astro A40s and ended up designing a futuristic, battle scarred version. Painted wood with laser cut detailing; a piece of scrap sheet metal in the base to keep it from moving around.

  3. The Wife

    Making some art for the walls of our redecorated living room -- all set in the 1950s . . .

  4. Fallout 4: Second Thoughts

    Not as bad as first impressions. Playing with medium graphics setting really sucks the art out of the visuals -- will have to replay down the road with new build.

    Not into the whole build-it stuff -- more likely to appeal to the Mine craft/Sim-city type of player that likes to do such stuff in virtual reality.

    Narrative still suffers from any compelling drama, reason to move forward. Will see if it heats up (still only at level 10).

    For me, best way ...
  5. Fiesta!!!

    Just got back from Benidorm, Spain. November Fiesta was awesome.

    I filmed the Firework display to signify the end of Fiesta, Amazing!
    These guys know how to go out with a bang... The shockwaves felt like somone was punching you in the chest!


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