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Iphone syncing

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GRRRRRRRRRRRR I am syncing my iphone as I type this, its been a while, but i really don't like how long it takes, and how limited your options are when syncing the phone.

The options should be easily sorted regarding if you want to sync your:

It should literally be that easy, but noooooooo itunes doesn't work that way. Heaven forbid you want all those options on the same page with easy drop down boxes mixed in.

I won't be updated my phone hopefully, bc i hear the recent update made many Iphone 4 phones slower and buggy.

It was funny though, because i'm at my slow ass work computer and the option of "syncing bookmarks" came up, at first i was like "OH S!__!!!!!!!!!! fortunately i didn't allow them to sync, that would have been baaaaaaaaaaaaad!!

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  1. Jeepo's Avatar
    Its cool though, when iOS 5 comes out all this will be fixed with over the air wireless sync!
  2. Delta*RandyShugart*'s Avatar
    That will be cool i hope. I just hope they will give you the option to be able to turn it off or my slow ass work computer will try syncing with my phone every chance it gets and my phone will be trying to sync with every itunes program it passes by in the office where i work and on the streets of new york, and let me tell you there are a lot of phuckers who carry macbooks in their over the shoulder bags.. What I really want is the option TO TURN OFF LANDSCAPE MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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