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  1. Fallout 4: Second Thoughts

    Not as bad as first impressions. Playing with medium graphics setting really sucks the art out of the visuals -- will have to replay down the road with new build.

    Not into the whole build-it stuff -- more likely to appeal to the Mine craft/Sim-city type of player that likes to do such stuff in virtual reality.

    Narrative still suffers from any compelling drama, reason to move forward. Will see if it heats up (still only at level 10).

    For me, best way ...
  2. Fiesta!!!

    Just got back from Benidorm, Spain. November Fiesta was awesome.

    I filmed the Firework display to signify the end of Fiesta, Amazing!
    These guys know how to go out with a bang... The shockwaves felt like somone was punching you in the chest!

  3. Fallout 4

    Been a few years since I played a stand-alone FPS. Downloading Fallout 4 now from Steam.

    Went to my local game store to buy it last weekend -- had not been through their doors for a few years. Was surprised to see only a few games for PCs. Asked a sales clerk why -- she said that Steam had captured the PC market.

    I just bought my Fallout 4 from Steam.

    Was impressed with the feedback from other games regarding the Fallout franchise and am looking for ...
  4. A PS2 Player's Review of PR


    Alright, so the title is a bit of a misnomer. Many of you already know that I used to play PR a lot back in the day, long time TGers will probably remember me from back then. That is how I originally found TG in fact (actually through BF2, and then I got into PR). But it has been a long time, I haven't played PR in many years, and I've been playing PS2 for the last 3 years or so I guess. I know that the subject of PR has come up from time to time, it seems with increasing frequency ...

    Updated 10-09-2015 at 01:09 PM by Randy_Shughart_ClwFL

  5. New Graphics Card: Part 1

    So I'm still using a rapidly aging GTX 670 (2 GB) and had been waiting for AMD's Fury lineup of dGPUs. Well they are out, the top two cards are where I expected them to be price-wise. The Nano was the one that interested me for it's form factor and performance ability potential. The performance is there. I'd say within striking distance of the 980Ti, but not at the current price point of $650. I was rather hoping some of the rumormill of it being a $400 card was accurate. Guess not. I'll ...
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