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May the best (wo)man win

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by , 02-20-2010 at 10:40 PM (992 Views)
As some of you may recall, I mentioned a marching band leadership audition. Marching band is very close to my heart (Dr. Beat is actually the baddest metronome out there) After the snow disaster struck, the results were postponed.

In case you were wondering, DrBeat is her band's newest drum major. I'm still speechless, so I'll leave you with this.

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Updated 02-22-2010 at 09:51 PM by DrBeat

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  1. Apophis's Avatar
  2. DrProctor's Avatar
    Congratulations Ms Beat.
  3. westyfield's Avatar
    Congratulations! Although I first read that as "Dr. Beat is actually the badassest metronome out there", which changes the whole post
  4. FLIPmode's Avatar
    Congradulations, Beat! And I thought along the lines of westyfield's post...made me chuckle
  5. spiff913's Avatar
    Congrats, Beat! Looks like you're awesome in RL, too.
  6. YdoUwant2know's Avatar
    Who says video games can't teach you leadership?
  7. Icarus's Avatar
    Awesome, I'm trying out for drum major for my band in June!
  8. DrBeat's Avatar
    Wow thanks guys! I was uber surprised to get it as a a junior as well.
  9. SilentSunshine's Avatar
    Way to go MsDrBEAT!!!
  10. Sargentkyle23's Avatar
    Congrats! I wish I had enough dedication to become that good at my instrument.
  11. Dredge's Avatar
    Congrats! Keep an eye on the drum captain and dont let him within 5 feet of the Drum Major podium. Trust me on that one
  12. Superfast's Avatar
    Well done Beat!
  13. 16Note's Avatar
    Yeah! Nice job Beat! Can't wait to work with you!
  14. Vulcan's Avatar
    congrats beat!
  15. Extinct's Avatar
    Grats Beat.


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