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On Firefly

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So recently, me and a friend decided that it was about time for us to watch Firefly. Well, first off, as a Buffy and Angel fan, I'm no stranger to the awesomeness that is Joss Whedon. Secondly, it was on Netflix streaming; which is always fantastic even if it costs more.

So let me just say that I LOVE this show. It's truly FANTASTIC! I love the writing, Nathan Fillion, the writing....

Anyway, really enjoying it. But I can't help but shake how upset I'm going to be when I get through the 14 episode series. I just can't believe that this show was cancelled and all.

And now I want one of these:

Three episodes to go then Serenity!

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  1. MacLeod's Avatar
    I am just throwing it out there that Firefly is the best show, of all time, as seen by the awesomeness that is Jayne in my avatar.
  2. Skud's Avatar
    Firefly is on my to do list - I saw Serenity a few years back and absolutely loved it.
  3. DrBeat's Avatar
    @MacLeod - No wonder Jayne looked familiar!
  4. Ferris Bueller's Avatar
    I'm going to kill skud for his comment. Not having seen Firefly is heresy. I'm with MacLeod on this one. Also, Beat, if you enjoy the genius of the Whedon/Fillion duo, add a little NPH in there and watch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.
  5. westyfield's Avatar
    What Ferris said. I watched Firefly a year or two ago, and was astounded that I had barely heard of it (aside from a few references in things like XKCD) until then. Massively underrated. And yes, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is also amazing. It's all on Youtube but the quality is low, so try Netflix first.
  6. Dredge's Avatar
    Its funny, I don't get into very many TV series. But the ones I pickup at the pilot always get cancelled. I loved Firefly! I wish they would pick it back up. *drops to his knees* PLEASE TV GODS! BRING BACK FIREFLY!!!
  7. Portable.Cougar's Avatar
    I was tardy to the party on this show too.

    Watched it on netflix about 6 months back. Thing of it was, I couldn't bring myself to watch the final episode. I waited until last week when in a moment of weakness I watched it.

    Its sad having the whole thing done and gone now.

    For you beat, you got to watch "Serenity" its the movie version of the show.
  8. draeh's Avatar
    FOX canceled Firefly because of low ratings.... However, FOX was to blame for premiering it during the World Series. The game would preempt it and FOX would run it at some obscure time without any prior announcement. Firefly definitely got the short end of the stick.
  9. DrBeat's Avatar
    I ADORE Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog! Love the songs, and I have it on my ipod and the DVD.

    Part of the reason I really wanted to watch it was all the references floating around. That's how I got into tabletop D&D to begin with too.
  10. Skud's Avatar
    FOX cancelled Family Guy due to low ratings, too. They then replaced with with over 3 dozen shows that either lasted one season or didn't make it past 5 episodes.

    FOX does not really know what they're doing, sometimes.
  11. ArmoredBear's Avatar
    Firefly was great. Whedon's follow-up TV show, "Doll House" not so much. He is directing "The Avengers" movie and I am hoping for good results.
    Updated 07-24-2011 at 02:08 AM by ArmoredBear
  12. Flarfignuggen's Avatar
    I just can't believe that this show was cancelled and all.
    FOX Broadcasting can't figure out how to arrange shows.

    "NEW EPISODE ON Sunday! Oops, sorry. A football game's 3 hours of post-game babble takes precedence. We're just not going to show this episode."
    "NEW EPISODE ON Saturday! At 4 PM! It's perfect! You want to be at your TV randomly in the middle of the day, right?!"
    "NEW EPISODE ON Sunday! At Midnight! You don't work tomorrow, right?!"
    "NEW EPISODE! We're just not going to tell you when it actually is! Guess!"
    "NEW EPISODE! We're going to make the show consistently scheduled now, except it's going to have compete with Letterman [or other stupid late night show]!"

    *two months later*

    "Sir, this show has bad ratings, we should cancel it!"
  13. TomDaSlaya's Avatar
    Truly a classic. Enjoy.

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