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  1. On Firefly

    So recently, me and a friend decided that it was about time for us to watch Firefly. Well, first off, as a Buffy and Angel fan, I'm no stranger to the awesomeness that is Joss Whedon. Secondly, it was on Netflix streaming; which is always fantastic even if it costs more.

    So let me just say that I LOVE this show. It's truly FANTASTIC! I love the writing, Nathan Fillion, the writing....

    Anyway, really enjoying it. But I can't help but shake how upset I'm going to ...
  2. My Childhood Is Over - AKA, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

    1:00 PM - Throw DVD, tickets, and costume into car. Drive to friend's house. Watch Deathly Hallows Part 1 with 15 closest friends.
    4:00 PM - Dress in costume.
    5:00 PM - Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Get stared at by normal people 'cause everyone at our table was costumed.
    6:00 PM - Get in line. The wait begins. Chill with Potter fans. Duel. Drink Redbull. Eat Redvines. Sing songs from "A Very Potter Musical" and "A Very Potter Sequel." ...

    Updated 07-17-2011 at 10:03 PM by DrBeat

  3. Three Years at TG

    Well hello everyone. It's May 31st, 2011, and three years ago today, I joined the Tactical Gamer forums. The story of my journey to TG can be found at y two year anniversary post. But boy, have things come a long way from there.

    In the past year at TG, I became an admin, and joined the content development team and started TG Cast (which will be back soon!). It's been just a great journey with TG here, and I fell like I've always been here. So I'd like to say a few words to a ...
  4. Accepting 2142 Testimonials for TG Cast #3

    Yes folks, TG Cast is on the way back. But we're starting on a different note. As you may know, 21421 is ending its very long life here at TG. And to celebrate its life, TG Cast #3 will be the 2142 Special Commemorative Edition.

    So, in honor of the people who have played 2142, TG Cast is accepting audio and text testimonials for the show. More information can be found in this thread.

    - DrBeat
  5. Two Year Anniversary

    Two years ago today, I logged on to a gray looking Tactical Gamer website and registered on these very forums. I had played on the TG 2142 server just once, and I was instantly hooked. I had to get involved, I had to play more.

    I began PC gaming after a friend forced me to get Halo. For months, we sat around sniping "n00bs" until he moved onto 2142 and dragged me with him. One day, he found the TG server and convinced me that this "Foxlion" fellow was some ...
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