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  1. 54,000 Words

    Passed the half way mark this weekend. Hope to get the first draft of the book completed before vacation in August.

    Looking now at television oligopoly, market power, the "foreign policy" of the entertainment industry and how all that might be disintermediated by online viewing habits.

    Fascinating article in the New York Times today -- went straight into chapter five.

    If all goes well with the peer review process the book should be in the stores ...
  2. Cable Cutting

    Research is like hunting for gold -- long hours of nothing, or just plain long hours, and then you strike gold. Here is one of the nuggets I found:

    "I actually work for a cable channel and virtually none of the lower level staff (who don’t still live with their parents) have cable."


    It is like working if Ford's factory with no need or desire to buy one of Ford's cars.

    The workers already got one, for free.
  3. 1st Generation DVD Players

    I am trying to 'fact check' this paragraph from my manuscript -- based on details from friend's experience years ago but not sure if my memory serves me. Anyone recall a similar experience?

    The first generation of digital video players (DVDs) available in North America did not play many types of files such as .mov and .mpeg. Consumers wanted to use their television sets to see and hear media that they had downloaded from the Internet and burned onto DVDs. To correct this problem all
  4. EA the Worst Ccompany?

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