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Random Thoughts of Dr. Strangelove

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Videos of my lectures at the University of Ottawa:

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  1. Ferris Bueller's Avatar
    The BS detector video is awesome and it's too bad that the vast majority of college professors i've met in my lifetime dont hold to that ideal. Most of them seem to think that because of their higher learning degrees and "vast" experience in the field (most of it involving teaching their particular subject rather than practicing it), that students should blindly follow and respect their word as gospel truth. I have actually been kicked out of classes (not for the term, just for the remainder of the day's class) for questioning a line of logic or having the temerity to point out that what a professor was saying directly contradicted the textbook/reference material.

    If I had to make a guess as to why your acceptance and encouragement of your students' use of a bull**** detector has developed so, I'd have to say that it is this digital world. Your subject medium requires you to be in tune and inundated in a world of bull****, that being the internet, and you have to apply that to your research and explorations in it. So it makes perfect sense that you would not only translate that to the real world, but also encourage others learning from you to do the same. My hat is off to you, yet again, Sir.
  2. Acreo Aeneas's Avatar
    I'm a little confused. Is E-male the professor or the student with the cam?
  3. Ferris Bueller's Avatar
    E-Male is the professor.
  4. E-Male's Avatar
    E-Male has been my in-game name here at TG since 2005. In real life I am Dr. Strangelove, a writer and part-time prof at the University of Ottawa.

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