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  1. Online ‘Swatting’ Becomes a Hazard for Popular Video Gamers

    An interesting read from the New York Times today about gamers:

    Some victims are well-known professional video game players like Mr. Eubanks, who has 386,000 followers on Twitter and a regular schedule of live-streaming practices and competitions on Twitch, the most popular live video site for gamers.

    Traditional celebrities, those in the entertainment industry, are still targets. Last week, police officers responded to a false report of a shooting at the Miami Beach
  2. Rate My Professor

    uOttawa professors respond to comments on ratemyprofessor.com

  3. Anti-Social Networking

    I just deleted my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


    Why not.
  4. Gamer Swatted While on Twitch.TV

    In today's news (The Guardian) this story:
    "The noise-cancelling headphones Joshua Peters, 27, wears while playing the popular browser games Clash of Clans and Runescape in front of almost 60,000 viewers on the live streaming site Twitch mean that he did not hear 10 armed police enter his house."
    Peters is an Air Force veteran.

    Fortunately, no one was physically hurt.

    I briefly discuss eSports and Twitch in my forthcoming book, ...
  5. Gaming and Homophobia in the News

    Hot on the heals of the intense misogyny seen in the gaming community's recent "Gamergate" eSports makes headlines with a remarkably idiotic stance on gays and lesbians:

    A relatively large eSports league based in the Philippines called Garena eSports, has created a stir in the professional gaming community after revealing its gender-specific women-only tournament, dubbed The Iron Solari, will restrict the number of “lesbian, gay [and] transgendered women” to one player per
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