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Gaming presents

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I saw the article this morning about online games being the big success this Christmas. According to the report they are helping get the British economy back on its feet. There has been many wild claims made about games in the media but raising the dead, thatís a new one. I am working from home this morning, in my breaks I am doing some online Christmas shopping. More accurately I am online shopping and doing some shopping in my breaks.

Looking at peopleís wish lists I can see there is a good number of requests for games or gaming related items. My youngest brother has asked for this [url= http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.206-3980.aspx] Nintendo Wii Fit Plus Bundle Pack [/url]. He is not usually a console or casual gamer. Normally he is strictly MMO games on his PC. If I do get this for him he better use and not go back to playing Star Wars Old Republic after a week.

No surprises in the games that people want, that is definitely the usual suspects. My youngest nephew has asked for this [url= http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.203-3269.aspx] Vtech Vsmile system and games [/url]. Good to see that he following the family tradition and becoming a gamer. I reckon by the age of 3 he will be wanting a Play Station for his birthday with a copy of Metal Gear Solid.

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