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  1. 1stMIP Stratis Campaign Episode 2

    We have room for new and veteran ArmA players. Contact me if you`d like to join our training/scenario sessions.

    March 17 (Sunday) 1300 EST / 1700 GMT

    - This is a persistent ArmA3 campaign in which you join 1st Mechanized Infantry Platoon in their adventures on Stratis Island. All scenarios in the campaign are connected ...

    Updated 03-23-2013 at 06:07 AM by John CANavar

  2. Armed Assault 3; The wait is over.

    Dont need to say much. Dsl`s great demonstration does the job.

    Other Clips:
    - http://youtu.be/DiLXDwsVlXg
    - http://youtu.be/yLIPW0oIvm8
  3. Play with the mindset of building relationships and friendships

    Quote Originally Posted by John CANavar View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by |TG| B View Post
    Simply play with the mindset of building relationships, friendships and mutual respect.
    I`ve been a PC Gamer since dark ages... I lost the track of hours and days spent in virtual battlefields and on forums... What B said above, eloquently and succinctly puts everything in perspective. I am not saying it should be the motivation for everyone but it is the reason and driving force to press the "Join the Server" button for some of us and it changes the otherwise virtual and

    Updated 02-28-2013 at 06:27 AM by John CANavar

  4. A New Armed Assault Favorite; ACE + ACRE + Combat Ops MSO combination

    I am a big fan of simulations with sandbox/dynamic mission structure and I found a new favorite TG ArmA Bravo server vets were keeping as a secret. It is a dynamic mission called Patrol OPS MSO.

    My initial impressions and questions are here

    Info on MSO is here

    Info on Patrol Ops is here

    It is amazing to see the features we were dreaming years ago becoming a part of our game, thanks to the hardwork of truly fantastic scripters/programmers/mission ...

    Updated 10-08-2012 at 04:50 AM by John CANavar

  5. End of an Era (PR BF2 Server)

    TG PR BF2 Server Closing Down

    End of an era. We had so many great gaming moments on this server; I still go back to the old screenshots to re-visit those great days. I couldnt embed my picasa album but here is a link if you want to check out. Those were also the pinnacle days of 1stMIP...

    On the other hand we all knew that this was coming. BF2 is old...very old. I hope ArmA: PR will fill the huge gap, especially when it is ported to ArmA3, ArmA4 and so on...
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